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Mastectomy Products

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Understanding the Need for Mastectomy Products

Mastectomy is the surgical removal or alteration of one or both of a woman’s breasts. The reasons could be various, the most common ones being breast cancer, or if one is at a high risk of breast cancer. After a mastectomy has been completed, the patient may want the natural shape of their body back. Artificial breasts, as in silicone breast prosthesis, are advised to simulate the natural shape of breast growth and balancing its shape with the rest of the body. The shape of the prosthetics in this case depends a lot on the type of surgery performed and the expectations of the patient. Silicone breasts also help the body get back to a symmetric shape after a surgery. An unbalanced body, howsoever minor, can in fact lead to skeletal and muscle problems. Many have complained about situations wherein one of the shoulders (with the heavier breast/less supported breast) seems to slouch resulting in bad posture.

Supportive Dressing

Finding the right fit is highly important depending upon your condition and needs. At Activeforever, there is a vast collection of artificial prosthetic breasts made from a variety of material and shaped to adjust your desires. The choice of your breast needs to be done in consultation with an expert. At ActiveForever, you will get both regular choices like casual prosthetics and specially designs silicone athletic prosthetics. You can choose from a variety of shapes depending upon the clothes you like to wear and the shape of your body. The Oval Silicone Breast Forms can be worn with halter tops and strapless dresses and a more mature woman may consider the Lightweight Triangle Breast Prosthetics which are ideal for individuals with flatter chest walls.

It is advised that mastectomy patients go for prosthetics that are comfortable more than the accentuation of the form when in the immediate post surgery periods. Gradually, with medical advice, you can always shift to other silicones. 

ActiveForever offers a full line of Mastectomy Products from name brands such as Nearly Me. We know that post mastectomy recovery can be difficult, and having the right mastectomy products can certainly help. Browse our selection of mastectomy bras, breast forms, and other post mastectomy products.