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Medical Supplies

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  1. Bowles Stethoscope Black

    The Bowles Stethoscope Black is a basic Y-shaped stethoscope ideal for general diagnosis and assessments. With chrome-plated brass binaural and a chrome-plated raised metal stem chest piece, users are able to receive great sound quality. 

  2. SEAL-TIGHT - Shield (Shower Patch)

    The SEAL-TIGHT Shield is an easy to use disposable dressing patch designed specifically for use while showering. This secondary or supplemental dressing allows patients to shower while keeping their wound site or surgical dressings dry. Made out of transparent film, the shield allows users to see what they are covering while the medical grade adhesive sticks securely to the skin while the release tab allows for easy removal after showering. This Seal Tight Shield is ideal for use on dressings, infusion, ostomy, catheters, biopsies or laparoscopic procedures. Keep your wound dressings clean and dry; buy the Seal Tight Shield today from ActiveForever!

  3. First Aid Tape 1/2 Inch x 10 Yards

    The First Aid Tape is a perfect compliment to any emergency first aid supplies or medicine cabinet. The first aid adhesive tape is ideal to apply to any wound that is bigger than a regular bandaid. The bandages can also be customized per use, unlike normal bandaids. Be prepared in case of an emergency. Buy the First Aid Tape 1/2 Inch x 10 Yards from ActiveForever.

  4. First Aid Cream

    The First Aid Cream is an anti-bacterial cream that is designed to treat minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or burns. Once the wounded skin has been cleaned off, the cream works to soothe the injury and offer some comfort to the patient. The First Aid Cream helps to prevent against contamination and protect against bacteria entering the open wound causing an infection.

  5. AMD-Ritmed Assorted Color Bandages for Kids AMD-Ritmed Assorted Color Bandages for Kids

    AMD-Ritmed Assorted Color Bandages for Kids

    Regular Price: $2.23

    Special Price $2.19

  6. First Aid Only Spray On Bandage

    The First Aid Only Spray On Bandage is a quick and convenient way to protect cuts and scrapes from getting infected. The Spray On Bandage is compact so it is easy to carry in your pocket or even in your purse. The Spray on bandage is water soluble and contains no fluorocarbons so it's environmentally safe. 

  7. BD Hypodermic Needles Regular Bevel 27g 1/2 Inch

    BD Hypodermic Needles 27g 1/2 Inch

    Regular Price: $12.19

    Special Price $12.01

  8. Feather Surgical Scalpel Handle

    Feather Surgical Scalpel Handles
  9. First Aid Only Triangular Sling Bandage

    This sterile and easy to use First Aid Only Triangular Sling Bandage that offers support and protection to an injury. Great for use as an arm sling or tourniquet, this bandage helps reduce the amount of tension and pressure put on an injury and promotes the healing process. 

  10. Dr Joseph's Diabetic Foot Care Kit with Body Sponge

    The Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Care Kit combines multiple diabetic foot care products into one convenient device specially designed to help those with diabetes take care of their feet. Known for its versatile and innovative products, the Dr. Joseph's Diabetes Foot Care Kit provides you with all the necessary foot care devices to help treat and prevent diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic foot sores.

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Items 1 to 12 of 1385 total

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Medical Supplies and Equipment

What are medical supplies?

Medical supplies, or medical devices, are defined as products used for medical purposes on patients, whether they be used for diagnosis, therapy, or surgery. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs which elicit a biochemical effect, the effect of medical supplies is primarily physical. While medical supplies encompass everything from stethoscopes to tongue depressors and gauze pads, they are all classified as medical technology.

Home Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical supplies can cover practically anything found in a hospital, but the medical supplies found on include: diagnostic products, needles and syringes, Ostomy supplies, tracheostomy care, urologicals and catheters, and wound care products. Many different companies manufacture medical supplies and equipments depending on the type of medical supplies needed. Companies such as 3M, Becton Dickinson, American Diagnostic Corporation, Coloplast, and ConvaTec manufacture medical supplies designed more for hospitals and doctors" offices while companies such as Nearly Me, Accu-Chek, and Omron create medical supplies products designed more for use at home.

Diagnostics Equipment

Diagnostic medical equipment and tools help clinicians observe and measure several aspects of a patient’s health. Diagnostic medical equipment is mandatory in outpatient centers, emergency rooms, pediatrics, inpatient hospitals, and also intensive care units. While this isn’t an exclusive list, it would be safe to say that every medical procedure starts with a diagnostic. ActiveForever covers several leading brands of manufacturers prescribed by doctors globally. From a Scalpel Blade Remover and Otoscopes, to sophisticated Stethoscopes, Immunohistochemistry Staining System, and Sphygmomanometers, ActiveForever presents a range of diagnostic equipment.

Wound Care and First Aid

Regardless of wounds being small or large, ActiveForever offers wound care products that have been tailored for every situation and all types of patients. Healthcare professionals and establishments have access to a full range of world class products that satisfies their requirements in line of the patient’s needs. While products like Invacare Supply Group Gauze Roll would meet frequent dressing requirements, Finger Friends Arthritis Finger Braces meet special situations. ActiveForever also sells a large supply of Abdominal Pads, Bandage Rolls, Feather Sterile Disposable Scalpels, Hypodermic Syringes, Tube Pak Enteral Feeding Tube Management System, and plastic cannulas, among others.

Nutritional Products

Getting the proper nutrition before, during, and after certain medical procedures is very important. Post diagnosis and surgery/rehab, patients require a varying degree of nutrition depending upon the condition, physical, and psychological needs of the patients. However, nutritional products range from Enteral Feeding to Nutritional Drinks. Specialized products like Amino Acid Mixes present patients with essential amino acids that can be offered as a suitable alternative in the form of fruit juices and other fluid formulas. On the other hand products like Bard Access Button Replacement Device offer a non-obtrusive feeding arrangement for ambulatory patients. With ActiveForever, you can be sure to get the finest products that are used by the best doctors in the world. 

ActiveForever offers medical supplies in an assortment of categories and subcategories. Click any one of the medical supplies category links above to get started.