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Respiratory Therapy

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Respiratory Training Enhances Your Workouts

Cardio, weight training, yoga, Pilates, during all these physical activities we are instructed from the beginning to focus on our breathing. As time goes on and our overall fitness and endurance increases we still get out of breath, why? When was the last time you actually trained your respiratory muscles? For most people the answer is never. Now we have all seen those super human guy"s blowing up hot water bottles, do you think they just picked one up and said I can explode this thing? No the answer is they trained their "core", abdominals, trapezius and respiratory specific diaphragm muscles, external and internal intercostals, rectus abdominals and oblique"s. This kind of training is usually done with a big "do not try this at home" tag for risk of exploding a lung, now that sounds like fun. Now there is an alternative and the only way to train and strengthen your respiratory muscles and improve your breathing, Powerlung. PowerLung"s unique design forces you to inhale and exhale deeply from the diaphragm using all of the respiratory muscles.

PowerLung - The Ultimate Respiratory Training Tool

PowerLung is a portable hand-held device designed to build the muscles used in breathing and train them to work more efficiently. The unit"s simple to use, straightforward non-technical design allows users to quickly start seeing results with as little as a 4 minute session, twice a day training regimen. There are different PowerLung models with varying resistance ranges to meet the needs of any user. PowerLung is the first breathing trainer with integrated inhaling and exhaling features and user controlled variable resistance to work out the respiratory muscles. It has 2 dials that can be independently controlled to adjust the inhale and exhale resistance of the device. Most users can start to feel its effects after the first 8-10 breaths while using the Powerlung. Many studies, that examine the benefits of respiratory training, can be also applied to the PowerLung. This is because PowerLung is a respiratory exercise device that works out the respiratory muscles. One particular study by Terry Dupler and William Amonette found that using the PowerLung for as little as 4 weeks with a study group of athlete"s showed significant changes in the respiratory capacity of the test subjects. These conclusions have been supported by many industry professionals that the PowerLung has increased strength in the respiratory muscles in the study participants.

PowerLung is not only for athlete"s looking to improve personal training performance there are 4 different models manufactured to address the needs and provide beneficial results to many people. Healthcare practitioners recommend the Powerlung as a part of a therapy program for many conditions including, asthma, emphysema, COPD to name a few. It is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to many therapies being prescribed. Getting a patient to comply with a PowerLung therapy regimen is also improved because the PowerLung does not have the appearance of a medical product and is typically advertised and sold as a fitness device so the patient has the satisfaction that they are taking positive steps toward improving their overall physical condition not using the product for a medical condition. Respiratory training can also be used by patients that use an inhaler to improve respiratory strength to maximize the inhalers delivery process. Musicians have used the PowerLung to strengthen lungs and increase stamina for playing extending periods of time. Military and Public Safety personnel can help prepare for extreme situations by training with the PowerLung.

In comparing the PowerLung to other devices on the market the difference is clear that the PowerLung is a far more complete device than its competitors. By incorporating both resistance of the inhale and exhale and being able to adjust them independently provides the user with a deeper more complete training experience. PowerLung has been time tested, since its release in 1999 it has been the leader in respiratory training and with its selection of different models and series no other can compare.