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  1. ReliaMed Reusable Underpad : 23 x 36" - Each

    ReliaMed Reusable Underpad features a quilted design which offers moderate absorbency. Ideal for use on beds or furniture.

    Regular Price: $4.91

    Special Price $4.84

  2. Writing Bird

    A different solution to relieve the stress of writing for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The Writing Bird is an adaptive product that combines form and function to rest comfortably in your right or left hand. Perfect for individuals who lack thumb to fingertip pinch. Slides easily along writing surface. Gentle pressure on the tail allows pen to easily move without smearing ink.

  3. Bottom Buddy Toilet Aid

    The Bottom Buddy is a toilet wiping device designed for those with difficulty reaching to help them maintain good personal hygiene. With a soft, flexible head that grips any tissue or pre-moistened wipe securely, and is extremely easy to use.

  4. OXO Good Grips Button Hook

    The OXO Good Grips Button Hook is designed to help users button their clothes effortlessly. The easy-to-use hook is great for buttoning shirts, blouses, cufflinks, and even pants. The versatile handle of the button hook adapts to accommodate all kinds of grips which makes it ideal for anyone with limited dexterity in their hands or fingers.

  5. Pull On Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grips

    The Pull On Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grips is an easy to use mobility device designed to assist users in putting on socks. Built of durable molded plastic, this sock aid features a rubber self adhesive pad that provides a non-slip resistance to the sock.

  6. Kendall MaxiCare Underpad 30 in x 36 in Kendall MaxiCare Underpad 30 in x 36 in

    Kendall MaxiCare Underpad 30 in x 36 in

    Kendall Maxicare Underpad 30" x 36"

    Regular Price: $22.96

    Special Price $22.62

  7. Deluxe Swivel Cushion

    The Deluxe Swivel Cushion is an ultra-soft cushion that assists those with limited mobility easily and safely enter and exit their vehicle or a chair in the home.

  8. SafetySure TurnEase

    The SafetySure TurnEase is a bedroom mobility aid designed to assist those who have trouble turning in bed. Patients dealing with Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy, or Stroke Recovery will enjoy the independence of being able to turn themselves in bed whenever they feel like it for a more comfortable sleep.

  9. Nova Toilet Safety Rails

    The Nova Toilet Safety Rails features a one piece mounting design, allows for easy width adjustment, and can fit any standard toilet.

  10. Stander Stable Bed Rail

    Designed to provide added support and assistance when getting in and out of bed, the Stander Stable Bed Rail is an ideal device for those with limited mobility, those going through rehabilitation after injury, or recovering from surgery.

  11. OXO Good Grips Souper Spoon

    Buy an eating utensil with a better grip!

    The Good Grips Souper Spoon's raised lip helps keep liquids and food on the spoon. The innovative lip of the Super Spoon is specially designed to prevent spills while moving the spoon from the plate to the mouth. Liquids and food stay on the spoon where they should be. The one-piece stainless steel lip is easy to clean and fits smoothly in the mouth.

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Items 1 to 12 of 112 total

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Parkinson's is a disease of the central nervous system affecting mainly motor skills. This disease is a result of the death of cells that create dopamine in the midbrain. Most common symptoms include slow movement, shaking of the hands, and rigidity of the muscles. As the disease progresses, patients may develop behavioral and thinking problems, and in the later stages, dementia. It is more common in patients 50 years of age or older. Most cases have a genetic origin, while others are caused by certain chemicals or pollutants. The most effective treatments include common medications such as L-DOPA, surgery, deep brain stimulation, stem cell transplants, neuroprotective agents, and gene therapy.