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Portable Spas & Hot Tubs

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Portable Spas and Hot Tubs

Portable spas, hot tubs or jacuzzis offer many of the same hydrotherapy benefits as their full size counterparts, but have many unique advantages. One of the biggest advantages is price. Portable spas start at about $600 and can go up in price based on size and features. Portable spas also are more convenient in that the whole package can be moved between locations more easily than a full size molded tub. Due to the smaller size, portable hot tubs consume less power and can be plugged directly into existing 110v outlets. This eliminates having to rub a dedicated 220v line. The power consumption is often compared to that of leaving one light bulb turned on at all times.

There are some portable spas that feature inflatable sides for super fast set up. The Spa2Go inflates itself using the pump system that drives the unit when filled with water. The MSPA unit features an inner wall i-beam construction that provides additional strength. Both portable spas have over one hundred micro air jets that move air into the water. The Spa2Go Portable Spa has an external pump system and the MSPA Bubble Spa has the pump system built into the side wall which increases efficiency while decreasing noise and space needed. A bigger portable spa, the Spa-In-A-Box, features solid sides. This creates aesthetics more closely modeled after full size hot tubs. The Spa-In-A-Box has a faux wood grain that assembles in less than a half hour with an inner liner very similar to the Spa2Go and MSPA products.

All of these spas have thermal covers that help keep the heat in the water, minimize evaporation and help to keep debris out of the water when not in use. Unlike swimming pools, most of the portable spas use a bromine chemical set to maintain a safe Ph balance in the water. A simple test strip lets the user know if the need to increase or decrease the Ph and use the corresponding chemicals. The pumps also feature filters than need to be changed from time to time based on usage. To increase longevity, make sure the spa is in an area where it will be exposed to minimal elements by covering with a shade structure or periodically applying a UV blocking agent to the exterior.

Once filled with water and brought up to temperature, users can enjoy the spa strictly for recreation or as a hydrotherapy device. Hydrotherapy is outstanding ways for users to get relief from stress and better relax which can lead to better sleep. The warm water and movement caused by the air bubbles can sooth sore muscles and aching joints. Spas of all sizes certainly improve the quality of life for users.

Be sure to look for accessories to add to your portable spa; aside from extra filters and chemicals to maintain water quality, there are UV covers and hard cover lids to protect your portable spa and ensure that your investment last a long time.