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Snow & Ice Cleats

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Snow & Ice Cleats Help to prevent Slips and Falls

When the snow starts falling so do the people. Undeniably, slick ice, in the literal and figurative sense, takes people down. From minor ankle sprains to broken femurs, doctors see and treat more fall-induced injuries more in the wintertime compared to any other season. The post-accident related consequences may induce stressful situations. In the event of an injury, a great deal of physical and psychological stress is induced. Pain, incapacity, and inability impale the injured and retards productivity. Monetary resources are quickly depleted by the urgent need to pay off medical bills and purchase rehabilitative equipment.

Fortunately, fall-preventative technology has been made into footwear specifically designed for this dangerous time of year in the form of snow and ice cleats. Designed to be worn over the shoes you already have, STABILicers, Due North, and YakTrax product harness snow-traction technology, enabling almost any type of shoe to be turned into snow-worthy footwear.

STABILicers have uniquely shaped spikes designed to "bite" in to icy surfaces such as heavily packed snow. The spikes are made out of case-hardened steel; a material developed and proven durable to withstand vigorous use in cold weather conditions. The sole is made out of natural rubber; durable yet conformable. The cleats are replaceable with all models except the STABILicers Lite. There are four types of STABILicers available.

STABILicers Heavy Duty Ice Cleats by 32 North, also known as the Original model, has cleats lining the perimeter of the outer sole; a set-up that displaces weight evenly into the spikes and accommodates activities requiring fluctuating pressure change such as running, hiking, or walking. Within the spike parameters is a heavy-duty tread which reinforces traction.

STABILicers Lite Ice Cleats by 32 North are designed for light use and is lightweight and flexible. Designed as an on-the-go product, lightweight and flexibility allow for quick and easy application and removal plus the advantage of compact storage in a purse or fanny pack.

STABILicers Sport Ice Cleats by 32 North are designed for athletic activity in snowy environments. The Sport model is lighter in weight and combines safety, durability, and flexibility to suffice athletic needs in snowy/icy conditions.

STABILicers OverShoe Ice Cleats by 32 North are a waterproof boot designed to slip over shoes. The extra insulation provided by this model allows your feet to stay nice and warm.

Due North Everyday Snow and Ice Traction Cleats are made out of specially made rubber tested and proven to maintain elasticity and withstand cycles of temperature change. The product has replaceable ice cleats made out of tungsten carbide. Its low profile makes it almost invisible when worn over the shoe.

Due North All Purpose Snow and Ice Traction Cleats have a bi-directional tread design for optimal traction. The thicker sole makes this version more durable and last longer. This version also incorporates the same spikes and materials used in the Everyday version.

YakTrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice and YakTrax Pro are a complete stray from the tradition spike or cleat design by revolutionizing traction using 360 degree traction technology. This is accomplished by a sole made out of durable, rust-proof coils which have more contact points than the traditional spike or cleat. This is its defining patented feature. These coils, also identified as "walkers", is the sole; an open broad diamond shape pattern, evenly stretched out to form to a shoe from toe to heel. These coil walkers have been tested to be resilient even in the extreme cold; down to -41 degrees Fahrenheit. The YakTrax Pro is the heavier duty version made for lasting longer under intense use.

Stay safe and prevent falls this Winter with this great selection of snow and ice cleats.