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Snow Removal

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Snow Removal

Snow, all manner of snow, from soft, fluffy flakes to black ice are no match for these deluxe, hard-working snow removal machines. Regardless of your snow removal needs, everyone is sure to find a solution that fits their climate and their budget.

Keep your favorite snow plower safe and ache-free by investing in the Snow Joe Plus 322P Electric Snow Thrower. Instead of shoveling, this handy machine is powered by a three-blade rotor. Even the heaviest of snow falls are no match for this snow deluxe snow thrower. With minimal effort, snow is cleared up to 20 feet away. Weighing in at only 12.5 pounds, perhaps the most amazing part is the fact that all this snow-blowing power is delivered in such a light package.

Even the heaviest of snowfalls is no match for the Snow Joe Ultra 13.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower. This machine is equally handy and hard-working, moving up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. This completely electric machine features a powerful motor and wide intake design for more effective snow clearing.

The Snow Wolf Wovel Snow Shovel is the go-to snow shovel this and every winter season. This innovative device is expertly designed to be hard on snow but easy on your back. The large wheel provides leverage for the user, allowing them to save their energy and their driveway at the same time. This state-of-the art snow shovel folds easily for storing purposes.

Safety is key when it comes to braving the hazards of wintery weather. The Roof Joe Aluminum Snow Roof Rake with Shingle Guard makes it easy to avoid the pitfalls of excess snow accumulation. This lightweight device clears snow build-up from your roof easily. It features an aluminum rake head and is equipped with Roof Joe’s Shingle Guard for added roof protection.

Also available to complement this valuable winter tool is the Snow Wolf Wovel Chipper Plate. This metal chipping edge attaches easily to the Snow Wolf Wovel Shovel and acts as a heavy duty guard, working away at even the most stubborn, densely packed snow and ice. Not only is it ideal for even the blustery-est of winters but it extends the life of the shovel blade.

Uneven and hard to navigate terrain is no match for the Snow Wolf Wovel Gravel Wheels. These hard-working wheels are an excellent attachment to the Snow Wolf Wovel Snow Shovel. They are a busy snow shoveler’s best friend, guiding and maneuvering over the most stubborn surfaces imaginable, including brick, gravel and cobblestone. The Snow Wolf Wovel Snap On Wear Strip is the ideal gift for the expert snow shoveler in your life who seems to have it all. This long-lasting strip attaches easily to the Snow Wolf Snow Shovel, protecting the blade from the harsh winter elements, keeping it sharp and strong for winters to come.

Snow covered walkways don’t stand a chance this winter with the new and improved easy-to-use snow removal products available. The Snow Joe Ultra 13.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower is excellent for heavy snow fall and works in a pinch when needed. It can remove up to 650 pounds of snow per minute.