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Anti-Fatigue - Floor Matting

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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

If you have ever had a job which required you to stand on your feet for several hours at a time, you completely understand the necessity for a high quality, anti fatigue floor mat. Solid concrete floors offer little to no absorption whatsoever, so your feet, legs and knees are left to compensate for all that additional stress. This can cause you to feel overly sore, tired and fatigued after a day’s work. By standing on an anti-fatigue floor mat, either gel or foam, you can help alleviate this pain and fatigue by increasing the support and absorbance given to your feet.

Additionally, both industrial and kitchen floor mats can help prevent accidental breakage and slippage. The cushioned foam or gel structure helps to absorb the impact of the falling object preventing it from shattering on the concrete or tile floor. Also, with the increased traction given by a rubberized mat with features to prevent slippage, accidental falls on slippery floors in the home or workplace can be greatly reduced.

Lastly, but equally important, are the benefits comfort floor mats can have on productivity and efficiency in the workplace or at home. Having spent several years in the retail industry myself, I can completely relate to the benefits of a good anti-fatigue floor mat beneath your feet; you don’t ache as much throughout the day, you aren’t as fatigued when you get home, and you don’t feel disparaged at the thought of another days work on your feet. This, in general, gives an additional “Pep in your Step” and allows you to work happier, healthier and for longer durations.

Types and Styles of Floor Matting

Active Forever carries a variety of different anti-fatigue floormats to service just about any industry, home or décor.

For the workplace, we recommend our line of matting from Superior. They have an extensive selection of mats tailored for different industries and attributes. They have mats that are grease resistant for more of the restaurant industry, mats that are anti-static for science labs or medical offices, and even anti-slip mats with cautionary bright yellow stripes to prevent someone from tripping on the mat itself. Surely for whatever industry you are in, Active Forever has an anti-fatigue floormat that will benefit your occupational health safety greatly.

If adding safety and comfort to your home is more your focus, but don’t want to sacrifice your style or kitchen décor, then we highly recommend our line of Wellness Mats which have several different colors and styles that can coordinate with anything from classic to contemporary. No matter what your style, we have an anti-fatigue mat that can take your kitchen to the next level while bringing you the comfort and relief your deserve!