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Why Footwear Safety Products are Important?

Shoes are essential safety gear in the workplace. Statistics suggest that more than 25% of disability claims across the globe is caused by foot injury. Annually, USA reports more than 100,000 injuries and this, in turn, costs companies more than $1 billion. However, implementation of mandatory footwear in Canada has been able to reduce foot injuries by more than 60%. Foot injuries as such range from blisters and minor burns, to cuts and sprains, which also can lead to amputation in many cases.

Common injuries that have been reported due to improper footwear include crushed feet, loss of toes, broken bones, puncture wounds, lacerations, cuts, burns, electric shocks, fractures, sprains, and bruising. Following Canada, other countries have started implementing mandatory footwear regulations in the workplace. However, safety shoes and boots can even be advised during regular walks to the office, travel, and in the household. For people living in countries with the harsh winters, the right type of shoes and/or accessories are needed. Depending upon the physical limitations and other medical conditions of the wearer, shoes are available in different makes and models. At ActiveForever, you will find a large collection of footwear safety products and recommended shoes for various purposes.

Shoe Safety for the Snow

For people living in countries that receive low to high snowfall, Heavy Duty Ice Cleats from STABLicers will turn your ordinary shoes into cleats giving you more stability and traction on an icy and slippery surface. During the winter, those of all ages experience rough falls and slips. These cleats will assist you during a hike or everyday walking to and from home or work. Safety cleats are extensively used by rescue teams, public utility executives (postal, electricity, garbage disposal, etc.), dog walkers, hikers, police, and many others. For those looking engage in sporting activities in the snow a sturdier cleat is needed, such as the Sport Ice Cleats by STABILicers.

Shoe Safety for Abrasion Resistance

People working in tough industrial conditions like mines, boilers and similar environments need extra safety for their feet and lower legs. A normal boot would fail to protect the feet effectively, allowing severe damage. Norcorss Servus Ranger Flex-Gard Steel Toe Boots, on the other hand, will offer metalarsal foot protection and are highly resistant to any kind of punctures or falling objects. Wearing them is as comfortable as wearing your regular shoes, but will added layers of protection. Another simple way to protect your feet and lower legs is by using the Ellwood Safety Appliance 20 inch Aluminum Shin-Instep Guard. This guard is made of shock resistant material while being highly padded, yet lightweight.

Shoe Safety for Uneven Turf

When it comes to working or walking on uneven turf, you must consider that our balance will be off. Products like STIBILicers Turf cleats offer added grip for uneven or aggressive terrain and landscapes. This is a highly recommended product for maintenance crews, landscapers, and homeowners.

ActiveForever offers many safety footwear products to get you through the winter in one piece and to keep you safe at work.