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Heated Clothing

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Heated Garments

We have expanded our heated clothing section this year with several new products to cover nearly every inch of your body. There are basically two different kinds of heated clothing: battery powered or 12v powered. The advantage of battery heated clothing is that you do not need to be near an outlet in order to take advantage of the heat generated by these powerful little batteries. The advantage of 12v powered heated clothing is that you no longer need to worry about charging your clothes. Our 12v powered heated clothing is perfect for the motorcycle enthusiast.

One popular line of heated clothing is the jackets and vests. Venture offers a softshell jacket, pant liner, and fleece vest that are all battery powered. The Venture Heat Trizone Heated Softshell Jacket uses the tri-zone heating elements which ensure an even heating all through the jacket. All of this is controlled with a single digital temperature control with an LED display. This jacket was also designed to look great on everybody (unisex). Not needing a full jacket? How about the Venture Heat Battery Heated Fleece Vest? Unlike the jacket, the Heated Fleece Vest has a single heat panel on the back. The temperature gauge uses 4 separate presets. Our last battery powered top is the Venture Heat Heated Clothing Base Layer. This is a great product to wear throughout the day regardless of the weather you find yourself in. Just like the Fleece Vest, the Base Layer uses a single zone heating system on the back. In order to keep you Active Forever, we even recommend using this during your workouts: whether indoor or out!

Looking forward to driving that motorcycle this winter or does the car not heat you enough? We have the Venture Heat 12V Heated Jacket Liner. This Jacket Liner can be used by itself, or under your existing jacket or coat. Unlike the battery powered units, the Jacket Liner has targeted heating locations on the front, back, collar, and sleeves! Just like with all the Venture Heat products, there are no coils. They use micro alloy heating elements to keep you toasty all winter long. Still not wanting sleeves? Worry not, there"s the Venture Heat 12V Heated Scooter Vest. It uses the same targeted heating zones as the liner, and like all Venture Heat products, has a temperature control to find that perfect spot.

Gloves and insoles are another popular line in heated clothing. Our heated gloves have no wires, and are battery powered. Both the Venture Heat Rechargeble Battery Heated Glove Liners and the Venture Heat Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves use the same micro alloy heating elements. The Heated Glove liners are designed for those with poor circulation or those working in very cold environments. The Heated Gloves Rechargeable are designed to work in nearly any situation.

Suffer from cold feet? Try the 12V Heated Insoles! These were designed for use when riding your favorite motorcycle in the cold. The 12V hookup will work on nearly any motorcycle are will keep your feet nice and warm, despite the weather outside.