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SKILLZ Weighted Vest

SKU: A14774x

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The SKILLZ Weighted Vest is a weighted training vest designed to enhance and increase speed, quickness, and strength. Ideal for a range of sports and training regimens, the SKILLZ Weighted Vest features a detachable lower section and sleeves so you can tailor the weight to meet the goals of your specific workout.

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Your body is acclimated to your weight and it burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. When you add weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight; in turn more calories are burned to support the muscle action. A properly weighted vest and shorts will intensify any activity or exercise, increasing the metabolic rate, doubling your results by burning more calories in the same amount of time and making any workout more effective. Constructed entirely of Lycra and neoprene, the SKILLZ Weighted Vest provides users with a skintight fit and effectively reduces unwanted chafing and pain commonly associated with standard weighted training vests. Each SKILLZ Weighted Vest is sold with 10 lbs. of weight and will hold a maximum of 35 lbs. Additional weight packs are available for customized training regimens. Weight resistance adjusts in half-pound increments so you can easily incorporate the SKILLZ Weighted Vest in you View more

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