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Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System

SKU: A16519x

The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System is a sound therapy machine that delivers a therapeutic experience, creating a soothing atmosphere to help you relax.

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With extra long, high fidelity sounds and the patented Sleep Enhancement technology that slows down to lull users to sleep, the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System is a perfect sleep aid for anyone suffering from sleep disorders or for those who simply enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. The user may add new sounds of nature to the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System by simply inserting a memory card containing 12 different sounds. The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System also features a backlit alarm clock, a multi-positioning timer, and a unique volume reduction for a peaceful decrease in sound volume. In addition to a headphone/speaker pillow jack and a 4-position timer, the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System is also equipped with an omni-directional reflective speaker that projects sound from the back of the unit for rich, deep sound therapy experience. Get the sleep that you finally deserve when you buy your Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System today from Active Forever! Sound Therapy System View more

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My wife needs the white noise so I bought one of these for traveling knowing that it wouldn't be compact but it would be lighter than our Sleep Mate and has an alarm clock. As it turns out, the Sound Oasis has been running every night for 3 weeks now and the Sleep Mate is retired. Most of the nature sounds are not for us but we have settled on "stream" which sounds like a babbling br View more
Review by Pat Cherpeski on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM
Very nice sound from a small unit that fits well in a small cottage. Similar machines take yards of space and cost much more. The sound card is very tiny. Changing to the ear therapy card is better suited for those with good hand to eye co-ordination It would be nice if there was a storage slot with the machine so spare cards don't get lost in a drawer.
Review by RITA TRANTHAM on 08/01/2013 1:00 PM

2 Item(s)

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