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Stockhausen is a leading name in top quality hand disinfecting and cleaning agents that eliminate all germs and bacteria especially in work/clinical environments. The top of the line products are available at astoundingly affordable prices and have been proven to work against most disease causing bacteria and microorganisms. Disinfectants are necessary for doctors, dentists, paramedical staff, nurses and even patients in a clinic or hospital. This is because infection causing microorganisms are small and cannot be seen with the naked eye; they are generally everywhere and when an individual comes in contact with them, they can affect the body and its systems by causing a number of harmful diseases. It is for this reason that keeping disinfecting agents handy, particularly in healthcare setting, is necessary to prevent and control diseases. Stockhausen has been actively involved in the production of ultra effective cleaning agents and dispensers that can be used anywhere to eliminate germs efficiently. Their products are trusted and recommended by countless leading professionals around the globe. The complete range is available for ordering online and can promptly be shipped to the doorstep of customers in any part of the world. Top Stockhausen products include: Stockhausen Stoko ReDuRan Special Dye Reducing Hand Cleaner is a highly useful product and possesses the ability to remove even the toughest of stains and dyes from the hands. It is entirely safe for use, non-irritant and non-toxic, and offers rapid cleaning action. This specially formulated cleaner removes dyes that conventional cleaning agents cannot. At less than $5 for a 100ml tube, the unique hand cleaner is a must-buy for all homes and professionals associated with the chemicals/dyes industries. Stoko Gel Waterless Instant Hand Sanitizer is a rapid acting gel and ethanol-based formula that ideal for clinical and hospital environment, and can safely be used by medical professionals as well as patients for efficient elimination of germs or harmful microorganisms. The gel can also be used at home and in offices to ensure complete protection against disease causing bacteria. Available in three different sizes depending upon the requirements of the customer, the pack features a push-down nozzle dispenser so there is no chance of spills or wastage. The 2000ml bottle can also be fitted into a disinfectant dispenser for usage in commercial settings. The prices start from less than $3 for the 4oz flip-top bottle, which is ideal for individual use. The Stoko Estesol FH One-Step Hand wash Sanitizing Skin Cleanser allows users to get the benefits of hand washing and sanitizing in a single use. The pack can conveniently be placed into a disinfectant dispenser (sold separately) and used for domestic or commercial purposes. With countless advantages, the Cleanser is priced at $14.84, which is a small price to pay for unmatched convenience and effective removal of harmful bacteria from the hands. The One-Step formula has been designed in a way that it cleans and disinfects the hands in a single use. The pleasant smelling cleanser is an excellent purchase for individuals working in the food processing industry or facilities need to eliminate disease causing microorganisms from their hands.

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