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Strength Training

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Strength Training - Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training is a form of training designed to build size, strength, and anaerobic endurance of skeletal muscles through the use of resistance. By utilizing weights, hydraulics, or the person"s own body weight to provide increased resistance to muscular contraction, overloading specific groups of muscles.

Why Strength Training?

Regular strength training provides a wide variety of benefits to the users, including greater muscular strength, improved muscle tone and appearance, enhanced bone density, increased endurance, and improved cardiovascular fitness. Most men can develop substantial muscles with regular strength training, and while women lack the testosterone to do so, both sexes use strength training as a way to improve their physical attractiveness. Women and men can develop a firm, "toned" physique, but an individual"s genetic make-up will also affect how their body responds to weight training.

While muscle mass builds at different rates in different people, an increase in muscle mass through the use of strength training can help promote long term fat loss and helps dieters avoid the "yo-yo" effect of on and off dieting. Intense strength training workouts also help to elevate your metabolism for several hours, which can also help with fat loss. Stronger muscles also improve posture, provide better support for joints, and help reduce the risk of injury from everyday activities.

Strength training also helps promote good flexibility. With a strong, flexible body, you are less likely to be injured when playing sports as well as lifting or carrying objects. Overall, strength training contributes to the efficiency of the human body and its ability to perform. Elderly people who take up weight training have experienced an ability to slow the loss of muscle tissue associated with aging and even regain some functional strength, leaving them less frail. Weight bearing exercises can even help prevent osteoporosis as it helps increase bone density. Studies have shown that people who take up when training in their 80s and even 90s can experience a wide range of positive effects.

Does strength training just consist of using weights? Absolutely not. A wide range of strength training equipment is available that enables you to work different parts of the body and keep the exercises interesting. Keep in mind that when starting a strength training program, you are essentially starting a new lifestyle because an increase in strength is reversible. Like the old saying goes, "If you don"t use it, you"ll lose it!"

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  1. Fusion Super Ripper Zipline Harness
  2. Fusion Versa Clip

    Fusion Versa Clip

    SKU: A26931x

    Starting at: $1.68

  3. Fusion Virtua Double Locking Snap Hook
  4. Fusion Y Legged Lanyard With Double Locking Carabiner
  5. Fusion Z-Max Pulley

    Fusion Z-Max Pulley

    SKU: A26389


    Fun for all ages! This heavy duty zip line pulley, complete with dual stainless steel wheels and sealed stainless steel ball-bearings, is the only choice for those enthusiasts of maximum speed and an adrenaline rush.

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  6. Hand Grip Strength Exercisers

    Hand Grip Strength Exercisers

    SKU: A24335


    Hand Grip Strength Exercisers Learn More
  7. Hank Haney's Essentials Grip Strength Hand Exerciser and DVD

    Hank Haney's Essentials Grip Strength Hand Exerciser and DVD

    SKU: A14836x


    Hank Haney's Essentials Grip Strength Training Exerciser is an innovative and easy to use device designed to help golfers improve their grip. Designed by the makers of the Gripmaster Hand Exerciser and world renowned golf instructor Hank Haney, this ProHands Pro training aid strengthens the muscles in the hands wrists and fingers to help bring better control to your golf game.

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  8. Health Mark Exercise Blocks

    Health Mark Exercise Blocks

    SKU: A23830x

    Starting at: $75.81

  9. Jacobs Ladder Exercise Machine

    Jacobs Ladder Exercise Machine

    SKU: A20252


    The Jacobs Ladder Exercise Machine is a patented cardio machine that is self-paced and self-powered.

    Learn More
  10. Jumpsoles Training Shoes v5.0

    Jumpsoles Training Shoes v5.0

    SKU: A16256x


    The Jumpsoles Training Shoes v5.0 are designed to increase your vertical jump and help tone your leg muscles. By training your leg muscles to become accustomed to quick movements, the Jumpsoles Training Shoes v5.0 convert your slow-twitch muscle fibers into fast-twitch muscle fibers. This provides you with the ability to increase agility, as well as vertical jumping. By training the toe flexor muscles with Jumpsoles, your sense of balance can also increase your response time.

    Sold in Pairs

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  11. Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution

    Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution

    SKU: A22218


    Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Learn More
  12. Kettlebell Weights

    Kettlebell Weights

    SKU: A24374x

    Starting at: $10.95

    Kettlebell Weights Learn More
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