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Gifts For Seniors Ten Best Holiday Elderly Gift Ideas

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It's no secret that ActiveForever offers the best choices of thoughtful products for elderly relatives, ranging from lift chairs to arthritis heating pads. To help make everyone's lives easier this holiday season, we have compiled a list of the very best gift ideas for seniors. Find something your elderly loved one will enjoy and find useful in every day life!

1. Bellman and Symfon Maxi Personal Amplifier

This personal amplifier is user-friendly and has superior sound quality. Great for watching and listening to the television, listening to music, or small group conversations. Truly simple - all common functions use a single push on a button. Powerful digital signal processing produces crisp clear sound even in difficult listening situations.

TV Ears Original System Wireless Headphones

2. The TV Listener Wireless Headphone - Wireless Television Headphones for Hearing Loss

The TV Listener Wireless Headphones System makes a great gift for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. This technology is considered to be the best and clearest for sound transmission and our headphones are lightweight for maximum comfort. A simple, cost effective and quality TV listening system, buy your TV Listener Wireless Headphones from ActiveForever today!

Jerdon 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror

3. Jerdon 5X Lighted Magnifying Mirror

A deluxe lighted magnifying mirror with dual-sided 1X and 5X magnification for every need. An ideal tool for tweezing, shaving, and applying makeup, this beautiful bronze mirror includes a bright halo light for superior illumination. Easy to install with a double arm that extends from the wall, rotates and swivels to any angle.

Bionic Relief Grip Garden Glove

4. Bionic Gloves - Designed by an Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

The unique Bionic Gloves were designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist based on ergonomic science and hand anatomy research. The PGA approved Bionic Golf Glove provides greater grip strength and hand control. These are a great gift for any golfer who wants to increase accuracy and hit longer shots, or who suffers from arthritis. Bionic Gardening Gloves provides natural dexterity and enhanced hand comfort. The padded palms protect the hands from gardening tools and equipment. Reducing hand fatigue and improving grip strength creates a more enjoyable gardening experience.

Portable Suction Grab Bar

5. Portable Suction Grab Bar - No Permanent Installation Required!

The Portable Suction Grab Bar provides users safety and stability to prevent falls when entering and exiting the shower. The powerful suction cups allow the suction grab bar to easily be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Great for traveling, the Portable Suction Garb Bar will fit in most carry-on luggage, and can be used on virtually any smooth surface.

BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel

6. BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel - Soothing Relief from Arthritis Pain

Fast-acting BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel penetrates deep into your body, soothing achy joints and muscles. It's ideal for arthritis, fibromyalgia, sore muscles, and achy joints. Using BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Gel prior to massage therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and pre or post workout stretching can stop the pain before it starts. Available in roll-on, pump, and tube form.

Levo Book Holder

7. Levo Book Holder - A Hands-Free Way to Read

The Levo Book Holder features a creative design that easily adjusts to suit any position. It's the only book holder that can hold a 5 pound book completely upside-down, allowing the person to enjoy reading while lying down in a recliner or bed. Page holders are attached to allow hands free reading. The Levo Book Holder is available as a stand alone model on wheels (pictured) or a desk version with clamps.

Infrared Blood Circulation Massager

8. Infrared Blood Circulation Massager - Improves Circulation for Healthy Living

This multi-purpose massager features electromagnetic waves, far infrared rays, and rollers, which provide deep muscle relaxation and pain relief. It massages acupuncture points which increases blood circulation and can unblock blood vessels. A hand remote which allows control for a 15 minute timer, 8 infrared treatments and 12 levels of vibration intensity are also included. This great gift can be used on feet, calves, shoulders, back, thighs and lower back.

Quicklook Zoom Portable Video Magnifier

9. Quicklook Zoom - Incredible magnification for pill bottles, food labels, and more

The Quicklook Zoom is the ultimate portable electronic magnifier. Perfect for those with macular degeneration and low vision, it can magnify up to 18x and has 5 modes of magnification, allowing it to adapt to each user's individual needs. It comes with a rechargeable battery and battery charger so it can be used anywhere. Great for reading menus and prescription bottles, the integrated digital camera can also be tilted to magnify while writing. The compact and lightweight Quicklook Zoom includes a cleaning cloth, a wrist strap, belt hook, and soft, zippered carrying case.

Gel Pro Chef's Mat

10. Gel Pro Chef Mat - Take the strain off of knees and hips

The durable soft cushion Gel Pro Chef Mat is a wonderful gift for those that suffer from back pain, foot pain, hip pain, or arthritis. Easy to clean and stain resistant, Gel Pro Mats are designed to not only relieve strain on the body, but protect the flooring as well. They come in 6 beautiful colors to match virtually any kitchen color scheme and are available in two sizes: 20"x36" and 20"x72".

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