Active Halo GPS: World's Smallest and Most Powerful GPS

Active Halo GPS is a uniquely feature-rich, yet very cost effective GPS tracking and reporting system designed for medical and senior care facilities, “off trail” athletes and organizations with employees in the field. With the ultra-feature-rich Active Halo GPS tracking system it's easy to go about your day while staying abreast of the whereabouts of those in your care. Active Halo GPS is very close to being as robust as some of the fleet GPS systems, but is more user-friendly, flexible, functional and only a fraction of the cost.

This customizable GPS for Adults; safety alerting, tracking and reporting system, works with any mobile phone carrier and is small enough to fit in a pocket. Users can call the Active Halo GPS Tracking System from a web-enabled mobile or smartphone to talk directly to the person being monitored. The SOS button—located front and center on the unit for quick, easy access—allows the person being monitored to reach their designated emergency contacts instantly. Their precise location is instantly generated along with a detailed map, and 2-way voice communications.

With Active Halo GPS users know with certainty their loved ones are safe, and that they can be there immediately in an emergency.

“Both ActiveForever and Amber Alert recognize how effectively this technology can assist in responding to adult emergency situations, business travelers, extreme or “off-trail” athletic activities, as well as the case of employers wanting to monitor the safety and productivity of their employees in the field,” says ActiveForever CEO, Erika Feinberg. “This is a very exciting launch for active adults, employers and the healthcare marketplace.”

ActiveHalo next to Keys
  Advanced Breadcrumbing functionality allows for up-to-the minute tracking.
  “Safe” zones alert you when the person being tracked has ventured outside of installed parameters.
  “SOS” button with voice monitoring gives the caregiver the ability to “listen-in” to surrounding sounds while simultaneously sending text and email alerts with location information to a pre-selected group of recipients.
  Service, location monitoring data and information are accessed via Active Halo GPS monitoring software

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