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Aqua Creek Pool Lifts

Swimming, for most, is an easy adventure, changing into swimming suits grab a towel some suncreen, and dive right in. On the other end of the spectrum are friends with limited mobility that need extra assistance getting in and out of the pool. I am not referring to wheelchair users only. Keep in mind there are many levels of limited mobility. Example: Hip replacement, back injury, knee injury patient is told aquatic therapy will speed up their recovery but are told to stay away from stairs. As always, aquatic therapy is instrumental for traumatic injury recovery and overall health benefits for the rest of the limited mobility group. How do they get in and out of the pool? Unless they own magic slippers they will not be able to do so safely unless they equip their pool with a lift.

In 2012, the US Government, made needed changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Section 1009 applies specifically to swimming pools, wading pool and spas. Handicap pool access is a very important part of the changes and mandates that nearly all pools have a means of entry for wheelchair users. WOW! All pools have to have a wheelchair entry! This is great news if you plan on digging your pool up and having a new one put in with a ramp that is compliant to slope rules set forth by the ADA that won’t land you in the deep end. Let me make mention again that a lift is a great option.

There are 2 main types of pool lifts. ADA compliant and non-ADA compliant.

Let’s start with the ADA compliant lifts as they can be used in ANY setting that has water and a level hard surface. For facilities that have more than one pool or have a pool and a spa the Aqua Creek Portable Pro Pool Lift is a perfect solution. It is set on casters for easy transport but also has counter weights to protect the user.  If you already own the Original Pro Pool lift but love the maneuverability of the Portable Pro Lift you can always outfit it with the Portable Retrokit. The Ranger and The Pathfinder are virtually the same ADA compliant lift. The main difference is the actuator (the motor and mechanism that moves the arm). This difference allows for the Ranger to have a 19” maximum setback while the Pathfinder has a 16” maximum setback.

The EZ Pool Lift is a very cost effective lift to be used at home. It is not ADA compliant as that it cannot be operated by the person in the lift. You would need a care giver, spouse, friend, or family member to lower and raise the hydraulic arm. Besides it is never a good idea to swim alone. Of course if you want to make the process easier on your aid you could get the Power EZ Pool Lift. Still not ADA compliant but does have push button operation. What about above ground pools? We have you covered with the Super Power EZ Pool Lift! This powerful lift clears walls 10” by 58” high. Yes, it is perfect for an above the ground Jacuzzi too.  

So let’s dust off our snorkels and go for a swim! Getting in and out of the pool can now be easy for everyone.