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Baby Blue LED Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy Device Treatment Instructions

Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy Device
Treatment Instructions

Total treatment time depends on the area being treated but generally speaking you will want to put four (4) minutes of light into an area measured about 3 square inches. When doing a full facial, you will spend approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

Divide the face into six (6) sections as shown in the picture.

First, split the face into left and right halves, then into three horizontal areas. Areas C&D extend under the chin and under the jaw line. Areas B&E extend to the base of the ears.

Plug the wall-mounted power supply into a wall AC outlet. Insert the power plug into the power jack located at the base of the handle. Push the red button at the back of the wand head twice. The machine should now be energized and the indicator light should be shining orange. This is low pulse mode.

Light Therapy Treatment Face Grid

Starting at section A, move the wand slowly (about an inch every 8 seconds) over that area for two minutes. A soft tone will sound, signaling you to move to the next area. The wand head should contact the skin. It is not necessary to push down on the wand. The weight of the wand is enough pressure.

Next move clockwise to section B. Slowly move the wand over that area for two minutes.

Moving in a clockwise direction, treat section C, then section D, Section E, and last section F.

Now push the button on the back of the hand piece until the indicator light shines red. Treat all six (6) areas (A-F) for two minutes each on the high pulse mode just as you did on low pulse.

Push the red button on back of the unit until the indicator light shines green. Treat any areas on the face that you think need a little extra attention (nose, nasal labial folds, deep lines, wrinkles, and age spots) You have four (4) minutes to cover all areas that you wish to treat extra. It is suggested to spend 15-30 minutes on each.

Push the red button on the back of the wand until the indicator light is not shining. You are now finished with the treatment. Total treatment time should take twenty-eight (28) minutes.

Clean the equipment by wiping the wand with alcohol. Do not immerse the device in water.

Unplug the power supply from the outlet and place it in a secure location.

Acne Treatment Times

You may treat acne more intensively by treating every day for three (3) days up to one (1) week.

For the next two (2) weeks, perform the facial every second (2nd) or third (3rd) day.

After achieving the desired results, continue to treat as needed to keep acne under control.

Use on shoulders and back if necessary.