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Balls Are Not Just for Men Anymore

Make our balls your balls. Do it. Having a ball! Disco ball. Balls to the wall. Base on balls. "Ability is of little account without opportunity." –Lucille Ball.

Get the ball rolling.

What ball is best for you? Do you need a fitness ball to round out your routine? Maybe you’d like a balance ball for core strengthening! Your workout can be fun with balls on your team!

Evolution Chair Bring some fun into your office with the Evolution or Cando Ball Chairs. These innovative office ball chairs are a new take on the    stability ball originally developed in the 1960’s. They are exceptionally designed to counter the negative effects of excess desk-bound inactivity. Users rave about the ability to bounce and twist while rolling between stations or lean all the way back to have a great stretch while steadily toning their abs. These seemingly insignificant movements  engage the core muscles we often neglect, even while on the phone! You’ll leave the office feeling energized and accomplished, ready to take on the rest of your day and enjoy your own healthy lifestyle. 

Are subpar fitness balls bursting your bubble? The Sunny Fitness Anti Burst Gym Ball is your haven for a reliable rehabilitation device. Perfect for Pilates and Yoga training, this ball is constructed from unique material that will not burst if punctured. Our customers love Sunny Fitness Anti Burst Gym Balls because of their quality, price, and risk mitigating design. The Sunny Exercise Ball is truly a cornerstone for any rehabilitation or physical therapist looking to provide a well-rounded exercise regimen that is safe and effective for each patient.

If small ball is your game and you stress fundamentals – The 7.5” Fitness Fusion Ball is your take everywhere exercise companion.  Complete with an inflation straw – your workout has never been more portable or handy. Modern applications in Pilates have brought the Mini 7.5” Fitness Fusion Ball to gyms and fitness centers across the country. Coupled with a fitness mat, this utility ball can target your arms, abs, gluts, and thighs by providing an unstable base to activate stabilizing muscles.

Bring that healthy balance back into your life! Find your center and bounce with dynamism and vivacity at the gym, work, or in your home!

Your body will profit when your life and the right ball find harmony. You’ll engage a new set of core muscles never reached in hours spent perched at an office chair. Your posture will improve, and as your body finds new alignment you may find yourself with a sunny disposition from your improved metabolism and lower blood pressure.

**Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinics, Gyms and Offices all qualify for special pricing on bulk orders. Call Tucker @ 480 459 3145 to take advantage of our competitive pricing and same day shipping!**