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Biofeedback - Biofeedback Device - Biofeedback Stress Relief

How to Choose the Best Biofeedback Device for Stress Relief


The past decade has seen an influx of products described as "biofeedback devices". But what does biofeedback really mean?

The human body has many physiological signals which can be used to monitor overall health, such as heart rate, blood pressure, or blood oxygen percentages. Your brain and nervous system monitors these factors without any conscious effort in order to maintain homeostasis through the autonomic nervous system. Factors such as disease or emotional distress can put a burden on this feedback system within your body, and if experienced over a long period of time, can even change it fundamentally. For example, chronic stress can lead to elevated blood pressures and heart rate through a process known as ergotropic tuning.



While not yet completely understood by scientific and medical groups alike, it has been shown that by consciously focusing on controlling these signals through a visual or audio cue one can actually positively change them. It is thought that by giving the conscious brain a method of visualizing the actual signal to be controlled within the body, it can act through the autonomic nervous system in order to realize these changes. Similarly, controlling one factor such as breathing can lead to further changes in heart rate and blood pressure based on the interconnectedness of these functions.

While biofeedback can be utilized through breathing awareness and control such as in yoga, more advanced techniques have been developed which use equipment to directly monitor heart rate and blood pressure and provide a more accurate representation of these bodily functions. Biofeedback devices have been celebrated for their ease of use and fast results in enabling users with a new level of control over their well-being.

Biofeedback Stress Relief

emWave2 ® Personal Stress Reliever

Smaller than a deck of cards, with a sleek surface and colorful LED light display, the emWave2 Personal Stress Reliever measures your heart rate from your finger and calculates heart rate variability (HRV), i.e. the differences in your beat-to-beat heart rate. HRV has been studied extensively as an indicator of internal and external stressors on the body and has even been used to diagnose survivability of patients following heart attacks. HRV is sensitive to instant changes in stress levels and breathing, making it a useful tool for monitoring stress changes in real-time.

The light display on the emWave Personal Stress Reliever moves back and forth across the strip in time with your heart rate, with the color of the light indicating whether or not you are obtaining coherence, or lowered HRV. By breathing in time with the light movement and thinking positive, relaxing thoughts you can watch as your heart rate becomes more relaxed as well as more consistent, indicating a reduced level of stress.



The emWave2 includes the emWave2 Handheld Device, USB Connector, Ear Sensor, CD with Software Application, Quick Start Guide.

StressEraser ® Portable Biofeedback Device


The StressEraser is a small, light, handheld device which gives detailed and effective feedback on user's breathing and heart rate. In coordination with cues to the user for breathing in and out, the device charts the heart rate and monitors how successfully each inhalation and exhalation cycle is working to normalize your heart rate.

Points are assigned to each successful breath and give a quantifiable measurement and reward system. By achieving 30 points per session and 100 points per day the user has a set goal for accomplishing better breathing technique. Results indicate that by using the StressEraser for approximately 15 minutes a day for two weeks can lead to long-term benefits in relaxation and stress-reduction through better breathing control. This device comes with a backlit-screen so that it can be used while in bed before sleeping in order to reduce the stresses of the day and put your mind at ease. It also runs on AAA batteries and comes with easy instructions on its use so that you can begin using the StressEraser immediately.


Author: Natasha C. Foxley

Direct: 480.767-6800