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The Best Orthopedic Pillow for You

More than 30 million Americans suffer from chronic pain associated with neck- or back-related ailments (according to the American College of Rheumatology) and attempting to sleep with chronic neck and back pain can be an impossible task. The right orthopedic pillow can offer pain relief, correct your spinal alignment, or maintain good posture but with the multitudes of cervical pillows on the market how do you know which is the best neck pillow for you?

All orthopedic pillow fall into two basic types: displacement orthopedic pillows and supportive orthopedic pillows. Displacement neck pillows "accommodate" the head and neck in its current state with its existing condition through the use of materials that conform to your head and neck's curves and current alignment. A displacement neck pillow supports your head and neck with materials like memory foam or water and is ideal for use right after an injury has happened, or when you are suffering from chronic neck or back pain but haven't had your health care practitioner determine the cause of the chronic back/neck pain yet. Some water orthopedic pillows like the Mediflow Waterbase Pillowallow for you to easily customize the firmness and support of the pillow.

Supportive orthopedic pillows support the neck, cradle the head, and even help correct spine alignment problems. While most supportive neck pillows are the standard rectangle pillow shape, ActiveForever sells one of the best ergonomic product solutions with the Jackson Core Roll Orthopedic Support Pillow. To figure out whether you need a displacement neck pillow or a supportive neck pillow you can discuss with your health care provider the desired end benefit - often displacement neck pillows are advised for short-term use and supportive neck pillows for longer term use.

After identifying the desired end benefit from the pillow, there are three areas you should address when shopping for the best neck pillow for you:

Back pain relief

Pain accommodation

Initially when dealing with back or neck pain from an injury or a currently undetermined cause, the best neck pillow will allow you to be comfortable in the midst of all your pain symptoms. A displacement foam neck pillow such as the Obus Forme Ortho-Pedic Contoured Memory Foam Pillow is ideal to provide comfort by conforming to the current alignment of your spine.

Back pain relief

Correct the cause of the neck pain and/or back pain

Once you've gotten past the initial stage, you'll want to discuss with your health care provider what remedies are available to help correct the cause of your neck pain and back pain. Many people are surprised to learn a supportive cervical pillow can actually help correct spinal alignment by modifying your incorrect sleep positions. The Tri-Core Orthopedic Support Pillow not only supports the head and neck like no other pillow on the market, it also helps open obstructed airways to reduce instances of snoring and tension as well as helping with apnea and COPD treatments.

Back pain relief

Maintain correct cervical alignment

Once you've identified the cause of your neck and back pain, and have found the best neck pillows to keep you comfortable and correct the cause of your back pain then you'll want a cervical pillow that continues to maintain your correct spinal alignment and good posture. The Butterfly Pillow is a special hourglass shape designed to keep your head and neck aligned in the correct position while you sleep, in addition to preventing you from getting a stiff neck and waking up with a headache.

Some orthopedic pillows can provide comfort, back alignment correction, and help you maintain good sleeping postures all within one cervical pillow like the Sleep Better Pillow. The Sleep Better Pillow has a unique design that allows for the ultimate comfort for all sleeping styles (such as sleeping on your side, back, etc.). If you want the ultimate in sleep technology the enVy Pillow is an orthopedic pillow that not only aligns the spine but protects your face to reduce wrinkles! Designed by two registered nurses in Canada, the cervical pillow is recommended by chiropractors and sleep clinicians worldwide.

An injury isn't the only cause of neck and back pain; Americans spend large parts of our lives working at desks, hunched over computers, riding in cars, and traveling in planes which all can cause poor posture and chronic neck pain and back pain. Orthopedic pillows can help correct poor posture by encouraging better sleep positions to help prevent you waking up tired, stiff, and in pain. 

The small, flat airline neck pillow provided on longer flights is not going to provide neck support, and can actually increase neck pain for frequent travelers. Resist the urge to make an impulse purchase of a travel neck pillow minutes before boarding your flight at the airport and instead invest in a travel neck pillow like the high-quality, affordable Memory Travel Core Pillow. It doesn't get better than an orthopedic pillow designed by an orthopedic surgeon! The compact size of the HappiNeck Therapeutic Neck Pillow makes it ideal for a travel neck pillow, and it provides mild traction to relax your neck muscles for maximum pain and tension relief.

Whether you are in a hotel bed or your own bed, the perfect orthopedic pillow can give you pain relief from chronic neck/back pain and help correctly align your spine. The best neck pillow isn't a one-size-fits-all solution so use this article to help you find the perfect cervical pillow for you. has a wide variety of high-quality, affordable orthopedic pillows, and your perfect neck pillow can be found among them. If you need additional assistance finding the perfect orthopedic pillow click here or call one of Active Forever's friendly, experienced customer sales agents to help you.

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