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Bionic Gloves - Hand Protection Technology Meets Superior Comfort

Bionic Gloves - Hand Protection Technology Meets Superior Comfort

The hand; people go to great lengths to protect and maintain its integrity as it pertains to the quality of performance. The importance of maintaining this priceless body part is not difficult to understand. There are 30 arteries within each hand. Each hand also houses 29 major and minor bones which operate on 29 major joints and at least 123 ligaments. 48 nerves provide sensory information for 34 muscles which control finger and thumb movement. Approximately a quarter of the part of the brain that controls all body movement is dedicated to controlling muscles within each hand. The anatomy of the human hand is so intricate that highly trained medical professionals have been studying its anatomy and directing efforts to invent, modify, and/or improve hand devices throughout time.

Bionic Glove

Professional hand doctors and glove designers realize the great deal of physical effort directed toward the hand function and are committed to successful glove design. The cumulative knowledge gained by many endeavors to create the perfect glove has been incorporated into modern glove Bionic technology. Bionic gloves are ergonomically designed to accommodate enthusiasts of many different hobbies. The Bionic Driving Gloves/Dress Gloves, PGA-approved Bionic Golf Gloves and Bionic Ladies Golf Glove, Bionic Gardening Gloves, Bionic Fitness Gloves, and Bionic Motorcycle Gloves are specially designed to eliminate problems associated with blisters/calluses caused by friction, hand fatigue, discomfort, and pain. Owning a pair of Bionic gloves is an investment in comfort and pain-free hands. The ergonomic design of Bionic gloves compensates for the problematic areas of the hand which afflict pain for many people. Bionic gloves offer three key features which solve a wide extent of problems; an "anatomical relief pad system", "pre-rotated finger design", and "web and motion zones".

The anatomical relief pad system accounts for the hand's natural ridges defined by bones. Often times, the high points of the ridges rub against tools causing discomfort, blisters/calluses, and hand fatigue. The pads in the glove are strategically placed to create an even hand surface which significantly suppresses these problems by reducing the amount of grip effort needed, friction, and hand fatigue.

The pre-rotated finger design improves the grip position. The forefinger and pinky rotate in and toward the middle of the hand when grasping something. The finger slots in the Bionic glove is specially designed and cut to follow the natural motion of the fingers providing a natural, comfortable fit resembling a "second skin".

The web zones and motion zones facilitate joint flexibility and have stretchable, breathable material located over motion and web zones. Motion zones are placed on the knuckle portion of the glove. Web zones are placed between each finger. The glove's motion and web zones allow fingers and joints to move freely and still stay cool and dry.

PGA Approved Bionic Golf Glove in use

The hand, a valuable multipurpose tool, can provide as much pleasure as it can pain. After understanding the complexity of hand anatomy and considering all its potential problematic areas, there is no question as to why protecting the function of the hand is a universal interest. The benefit of having a pair of working hands is priceless. We should applaud the use of our hands and protect their value by investing in high quality Bionic gloves.