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Body Up Evolution Lift vs Hoyer Lift Best Patient Lifting and Transport System

BodyUp Evolution - All-In-One Tool in Patient Mobility

BodyUp vs. Hoyer BodyUp Evolution Hoyer Lift
Patient Lift Yes! Yes
Versatile Money Saver Yes! No
Used as a Transport Chair Yes! No
Commode/Shower Seat Yes! No
Lightweight Yes! Light under 70lbs Heavy 300lbs+
Easy to Disassemble Yes! No
Easy to transport Yes! No
Personal Dignity High! Low
Green eco-friendly! Yes! No

Why the BodyUp Evolution should be your basic mobility aid:

BodyUp Evolution is a new lift concept, revolutionary, yet simple,
assisting those with lower limb weakness to transfer and move about the house.
Offer your loved ones the luxury of access to anywhere
in the house or in and out of the car while applying minimal muscular work.


With the use of the BodyUp Evolution lifting and transporting people
who face mobility issues becomes easier than ever before, raising both patient's and caregiver's quality of life to new standards.

Respect - the way it operates provides personal dignity for the patient

Its "green" - No more worries for batteries, charging batteries, etc.; it is eco-friendly!

No more barriers in one's daily life - The access to the shower or commode is easier than ever. Getting a patient to a car, van, etc will expand the world that the that the patient can access.

Indoor and Outdoor Ue - The Body UP functions both indoors and outdoors, making it the perfect mobility aid for helping a patient from their room to the care. Plus, it breaks down easily to transport along with you and help at your destination!

Money Saver - BodyUp takes the place of a "power lifter", commode/seat, a bath/shower seat, car/van access, versatile home / facility wheelchair and much much more.

Patient-friendly design - BodyUp's frame color and shapes "rests" the eye and makes it presence very discreet when not in use.

Portable - When it is disconnected into two pieces, the user can enjoy BodyUp's benefits elsewhere as well. True mobility for many patients who do not currently have that option is now possible.

Limited service needed - BodyUp doesn't break; it won't require new batteries or circuit boards. Only a maintenance check every three months is suggested - mostly on the lifting straps. Of course, the customary sanitizing of pads, seats, etc. will be necessary as required by each patient.

BodyUp Evolution is also a Commode seat, a Bath & Shower seat

The BodyUp Evolution Disassembles in Seconds For Easy Transport


BodyUp patient lift and transport

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