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Cold Laser Therapy - Treats acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, strains and sprains

brief history


Although cold laser therapy has been around for past 30 years, its popularity has only just recently increased thanks to innovative products that cater to physicians AND consumers. This has resulted in practices adopting cold laser therapy as alternative to more invasive or addictive treatments (i.e. acupuncture and pain medication).

Decades of testing and thousands of clinical studies has deemed  cold laser therapy  an FDA cleared and CE certified form of alternative medicine. This laser therapy is either focused directly on smaller areas of the body or is “showered” along the treatment areas to encourage healing of the tissue.



Acupuncture, surgery and prescribed pain-medication are all adequate (and sometimes required) forms of treatment. In some cases, however, cold laser therapy has yielded comparable results without being invasive, requiring healing time, or being potentially habit-forming. Laser therapy is also used in tandem with these treatments in overcoming the patient’s acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, strains and sprainspain and aiding in their recovery. For a full line of laser treatment devices visit!


featured products


Laser Touch One– The perfect entry into cold laser therapy. A professional treatment and application in a consumer-friendly package. Unique to theLaser Touch One LTO is its combination of a laser diode and E-Stim in a portable package. There is no device in existence like this that combines cold laser with low level electric stimulation. Feel results with 2 minute treatments  is so sure you’re going to love this laser stim, we are offering a 30-Day Results or Return Guarantee!







TerraQuant Pro Pulsed Cold Laser Device (Pro Package) – Professional grade cold laser therapy. Stronger super pulsed wavelength and current is combined with an emitter and Acupuncture and Muscle Trigger Probes  of your choice. The TerraQuant system allows for unmatched versatility- need Acupuncture and Muscle Trigger Probes add-on to your standard emitter? Done. Need a Laser Device with Laser Shower an emitter to cover larger portions of the body for a cold-laser shower treatment? They’re available here at Professional discounts are offered.

TerraQuant Pro

Author:  Josh Sargent, Pain & Healing Device Specialist

              Direct Dial: 480-459-3162