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Core Laser

Why use the Core Laser Home Exercise System by Laser Core


You have heard it said a million times before, “you’ve got to strengthen your core”, or “a strong core means a strong body”. If you talk to anyone with even a minimal knowledge of strength conditioning, they will tell you emphatically, the importance of working the core. Have you ever wondered what the core is? Why it’s so important? Or how you can effectively work the core? One simple answer is, the core is what you need for all general movements and for your overall physical health.


What is the core?

Many people think the core is your abdominal and lower back muscles. This is only partially true. In reality, the core is basically everything except for your arms and legs. To be more specific, your core is the group of muscles that extend from your upper abdominals down to your hips ending just above your quadriceps, and wrapping around your body. This muscle group not only helps with your balance and stability but goes further to help with your overall physical strength.


Why is it so important?

The core is the group of muscles that help you to bend down, stand, twist, sit with proper posture, and lift items. A strong core is necessary; it is what makes all physical movement and activities possible. It is also invaluable to help someone who has suffered an injury have an effective healing process. A strong core will also allow you to maneuver properly when another part of the body is injured. The core muscles are proven to assist in improving total body muscular strength, which will help anyone in attaining their general fitness goals.


How can you effectively work the core?

Of course, one could always purchase a gym membership, drive over, and lay on the filthy floor doing a million movements to strengthen the core. At Active Forever, we offer a better way, the Core Laser Home Exercise System by Laser Core.  With only 8-15 minutes of exercise a day a user can increase core stability and motor control.  The Core Laser Home System gives direct visual feedback to allow the user to have visual cues to improve their form immediately.  The system helps to improve pelvic thrust for a healthier life, develop coordination between the upper and lower body, and most importantly, reduces back pain for a more comfortable and mobile life.  The Core Laser Home System comes with a draw string carrying bag and has an adjustable nylon waist belt with an easy snap buckle.  It is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.  It is not age specific and can be used for any age range and any fitness level.


For more information on the Core Laser Home Exercise System by Laser Core, please call 480-459-3214.

Author: Damien Logan, ActiveForever
Direct: 480-459-3214