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Core Laser Pro and Me

Recently I was introduced to the Core Laser Exercise System and, I will admit, I was skeptical at first.  It seemed that, while it looked like fun, I wouldn’t get the same type of workout I would get with traditional abdominal exercises like crunches. 

After my first full week of training, I not only felt that my core was stronger in general, but muscle groups that normally weren’t touched were suddenly strengthening.

In order to trace the target lines, I had to use a number of muscles that I wasn’t accustomed to in my regular routines, like actually using my hips and pelvic muscles. At first I found that maintaining the guided light’s path along the target was a real, but welcome challenge. Tracing the figure eight patterns was especially hard at first, however as I practiced I became more comfortable and more flexible with the gyrations.  Eventually, I was able to do the exercises more quickly and even began increasing the distance from the target to add a new degree of difficulty. 

Perhaps the most surprising revelation I have had since beginning the Core Laser Gym regimen is how it has affected my performance in a variety of sports. The routine forces you to take note of the plane of your body as well as the muscles you use to control them. I am an avid tennis player and after only a few short weeks, I began to swing with more stability, balance and power overall.  Being a competitive person, the Laser Gym has given me an impressive advantage and confidence in my game.

Having a more balanced stance and more flexibility throughout my central core has affected all facets of my day.  I find myself with better posture and can move with more freedom easily.  I am amazed that something so easy to do can have such profound effects over such a short period.  I look forward to all the new exciting results the Core Laser System will provide!