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DKN Technology Introduces Low Cost Whole Body Vibration Machines

DKN Technology Brings Low-Cost Whole Body Vibration Machines to the US


DKN Technology is a European fitness company that has grown its distribution into over 20 countries. The continued growth is triggered by designing high quality, affordable and attractively styled whole body vibration machines. Whole Body Vibration machines from DKN are now available in the United States, and utilize a technology stemmed from research and development by space programs. The research utilized the body's natural response to stimulus. This method allows the user to take on less physical load when compared to weight lifting, yet achieve similar results in less time. Another huge benefit of whole body vibration exercise is that the risk of injury during the workout period is greatly reduced. Due to the extreme number of stimulus your muscles must respond to per second of use, fat loss increases, muscle strength and tone increases, and cellulite decreases with use of the DKN Technology machines. Blood flow also increases during whole body vibration exercise which helps relieve pain and increase the feeling of well being.

Multiple reports and independent tests confirm that athletic performance increases when whole body vibration is used in conjunction with regular exercises. Most exercises can be accomplished on the platform of the DKN machine which will trigger more muscles than the same exercises off the platform. The vibration will minimize lactic acid build up from the muscles which speeds up recovery time between workouts and increases range of movement.

The DKN XG Vibration machine product line has 3 levels to fit most needs and budgets. The baseline for personal use in home is the DKN Xg3. The steel frame whole body vibration machine features 4 pre-set programs to target various body zones. The motor on this vibration machine will produce 6G of acceleration. While less than the other two DKN models, this is plenty of power for home use. The device is also extremely easy to set up in home as it ships in just boxes and requires just a few screws to complete assembly.

The next step up, geared towards more advanced athletes and/or mild commercial setting is the DKN Xg5. This vibration machine utilizes a more robust motor that has 8G of acceleration. The stronger motor still has the standard 2 year warranty and features a larger display with a back lit touch sensor. This motor also allows for more vibration to transfer into the user and thus increase the body's response causing the workout to be more difficult. Ideal for home use as well, the DKN Xg5 is ideal for more advanced athletes and for supporting a tougher workout regimen.

  DKN Technology Vibration Machine

The most advanced machine, the DKN Xg10 is designed with top performing athletes and regular commercial use in mind. This whole body vibration machine builds off the mid level XG5 by adding yet a stranger motor with an amazing 12G output. The pre-set programs can be used to target abs, lower body, upper body or total body in just a 10 minute workout!

All of the DKN Technology vibration machines include the owners manual, an instructional DVD, an exercise poster showing various exercises, upper body straps and a dampening pad that minimizes the energy transferred from the machine to the floor. Many accessories are available to add to your workout including push up bars, pilates ring, a step riser, an exercise mat as well as a physio ball to really take core training to a new level.

For more information on whole body vibration and DKN Technology vibration machines, please visit or call 1-800-377-8033.