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Fitness Vibration Cure-All: Weight Loss, Arthritis, Circulation, Well-Being

Vibrate Fitness and Vitality


Whole Body Vibration

Straight from the stars comes the last word in all-encompassing fitness and health: Whole Body Vibration.

Originally used for cosMedvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platformmonaut training, the craze spread quickly throughout Europe and Japan. The rest, as they say, is history. Vibration enthusiasts became hooked on the benefits. They began to experience increased circulation, range of motion and flexibility. They appreciated the improvements in muscle strength, core conditioning and stability; not to mention the faster muscle recovery following a workout. Gyms and centers devoted entirely to Whole Body Vibration came to dominate the psyche of the fitness conscious public.


Whole Body Vibration allows the user to take on less physical load when compared to weight lifting, yet achieve similar results in less time. During the workout, muscle tissues contract and relax thousands of times per second, providing unmatched fat burning efficiency. Risk of injury during the workout period is greatly reduced. Weight loss, muscle strength and tone increases during WBV due to the extreme stimulus your muscles must respond to each second.

Multiple reports and independent tests confirm that athletic performance increases when whole body vibration is used in conjunction with training exercises. Manufacturers say WBV is an excellent way for those who have health restrictions that keep them from exercising, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and some forms of Arthritis, to tone muscle and condition.

Whole Body Vibration's youth enhancing benefits are miraculous; simultaneously reducing cellulite while stimulating collagen production for smoother skin.

Experts note the more subtle health benefits as well which includes enhancements in metabolism, human growth hormone levels, lymphatic flow, increased bone mineral density and reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.

It's no wonder then that all around the world, fitness enthusiasts are becoming increasingly aware of the incredible benefits of Whole Body Vibration.




Which vibration experience is right for you?



DKN Technology Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine

DKN Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine


The DKN Technology Xg10 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer (pictured left) is an innovative new model among the higher intensity Whole Body Vibration machines. The Xg10 Pro is unmatched when it comes to building lean muscle, burning fat and improving health in just minutes a day.

Users get the combined benefits of an entire gymnasiums worth of workout equipment into a sleek and compact package. The Xg10 Pro ensures you get the results you want in a fraction of the time required for more traditional exercise methods. The Xg10 features state of-the-art, 12G acceleration motor, silent performance and variable frequency vibration.

Purchasers of the Xg10 get to take advantage of a

$500 Mail-in Rebate!

Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform

Medvibe Nitrofit Personal Whole Body Vibration

The Medvibe NitroFit Personal Whole Body Vibration Platform (pictured right) harnesses the natural strength giving energy of vibration to gently exercise and refresh the body.

The mechanical stimulus of the NitroFit Personal improves muscle strength, power and performance. The alternating platform works with the natural movements of the body to strengthen the core and improve posture.

Users can easily increase the intensity of their workout or rehabilitation session by adjusting frequency, position, and time.

Purchasers of the Nitrofit get to take advantage of a

$50 Mail-in Rebate!


Slendertone Flex Pro Unisex Abs

The Slendertone Flex Pro Unisex Abs (pictured left) is a 5 star consumer rated muscle toning device that utilizes EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology to stimulate the abdominal muscles.

Great for both men and women and so convenient, the Slendertone Flex Pro system is a great way to strengthen and tone as you watch television, read and otherwise go about your daily routine.

Users choose from among seven programs and 99 intensity levels to get a great toning session with every use.

Soothing GelPad refills ensure you always get the best possible results!