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How ActiveHalo GPS Can Benefit Your Business




ActiveHalo GPS For Businesses

ActiveHalo is the world’s smallest GPS tracking device used for real time location reporting and is ideal for business uses. Our hi-tech GPS device has several practical business applications. The ActiveHalo GPS tracking system combines the worldwide reach of GPS with our easy to use web-based portal. The ActiveHalo GPS system has a wide range of features to track and monitor your employees and fleet equipment.

The ActiveHalo GPS can do as much or as little as you would like it to do, and you can also influence future functionality!



Employee Safety


ActiveHalo SOS Feature

An employee’s safety and productivity can make or break a company’s success. The ActiveHalo GPS will foster an added layer of security, as well as encourage increased productivity and successful outcomes. When employees work on a large campus or travel in the field as a part of their job, i.e.; facilities managers, fleet managers, delivery drivers, construction workers, and sales people, you can easily find their last location. Even the smallest accident can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation, and very uniquely, the employer can custom design their own emergency response contacts and process. This system enables peace of mind for employers, clients and employees. They know if they ever find themselves in an emergency situation, company personnel can help them immediately by broadcasting direction, speed and position to designated contacts and emergency responders. ActiveHalo GPS is the lowest cost AND most feature rich employee safety, tracking, communication and reporting system on the market.


 The ActiveHalo SOS feature activates  with the  press of the "SOS" button, located on the front of the ActiveHalo unit.
The SOS feature allows responders  to find you with pinpoint accuracy.

ActiveHalo GPS  Is An Amazing Productivity Tool

The ActiveHalo GPS Service is much more than an added level of security for your employees. The combination of ActiveHalo’s hi-tech hardware and software package provides the business owner with a powerful logistics, productivity  and reporting tool, all in one!

(Improving Logistics and Routing) Improve your overall logistics and save money by using the ActiveHalo GPS Unit and web based portal. Study maps pinpoint employee’s locations and choose routes that are the most efficient to a destination. Increased fleet routing efficiency will save your business needless vehicles miles saving on vehicle maintenance, fuel expenses, and of course saving on drive time.

(Increases Revenue) More efficient routes recover countless wasted hours due to previous routing inefficiency. These recovered hours can be used to acquire more customers through increasing the number of business stops by employees adding revenue to your bottom-line. You can easily set up specific geographical zones for each business representative giving you improved territory management.

(Improving Customer Service) Improving territory management will improve your customer service by seeing when and where stops are made or missed. If your business provides goods and services in a fluid business environment quickly finding the closet business representative to a location and dispatch them immediately can keep even the most demanding customers satisfied. When customers are surveyed about whether or not they will use a service again they rank “on time” delivery and/or adhering to a scheduled meeting time as “very important” when considering, whether to continue using a specific service.

 Ten Ways ActiveHalo GPS Will Help Your Business

1. 1 Instantaneous 2-Way Communication - Management can discretely “intrude” and listen in without being detected. It also can be engaged by the user to check in on pricing, or to get an answer for a client or project.
2. Proof of service - Stops are easily viewable on the map no more "I think" I went there answers.
3. Rewards hard work - Owners can see and measure employee productivity. 
4. Increased security - Locate any distressed employee in real time using breadcrumbs.
5. Protects the driver - Routes are pre-planned keeping drivers focused on the road.
6. Efficient service - Through the use of custom zones and mapping employees are more efficiently planned and dispatched.
7. Increases productivity - More efficient routes and monitoring allows for more effective activities and customer contacts.
8. Increases revenue - Efficient routing means less money spent on vehicle maintenance, less fuel used, more time to service new business.
9. Safeguards your reputation - Fast customer service,  find and quickly dispatch the nearest employee to a customer’s location.
10. ActiveHalo is a risk management asset - Like any good team member ActiveHalo pays for itself very quickly!


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