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ActiveHalo GPS

The world's smallest GPS tracking system for real time location reporting is ideal for personal use and responsible caregivers. The ActiveHalo GPS Tracking System combines the worldwide reach of GPS with our easy to use web-based portal. The ActiveHalo GPS location service has a wide range of life saving applications for tracking and monitoring yourself and loved ones under your care.

GPS For Personal Safety

The ActiveHalo GPS is an important safety device used by avid outdoorsmen like hikers, hunters, and skiers. Our GPS services can be used by anyone who needs to keep track of where he or she is located. When you are traveling off the beaten path even the smallest accident can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. If you find yourself in this emergency situation you can help yourself by broadcasting your direction, speed and position to emergency responders.

GPS for Patient Tracking

Our ActiveHalo GPS tracking service can be used by family members and professional caregivers as an independent living tool. The tracking device offers a watchful eye and yet still gives patients, especially elderly patients a sense of personal freedom. This service is extremely popular for those entrusted with caring for a patient with Alzheimer's disease. Those patients that have this disease are prone to wandering off. The wandering and other Alzheimer's complications like memory loss and dementia can turn deadly to a patient who wanders out from their home or health care facility. A patient wearing the ActiveHalo tracking device can be located more quickly and safely and hopefully before tragedy strikes.


Patient tracking is a great way to ensure that you always know how to find the people you love and care for. Our small, lightweight device reports a location every five minutes so that you always know exactly where they are. Active Halo GPS comes equipped with an SOS button and 2-Way Voice. If they need help - they are only a button away. With the use of our world-class tracking portal, you can set zones around your home, neighborhood or anywhere you like and receive alerts when they enter or exit a zone. You can also check the history of the device to see where it's been. You're not just getting a tracking device and peace of mind, the person in your care is also getting the confidence to live an active and mobile life.


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