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Green Cricle Garden

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Green Circle Garden

Green Circle Garden – “Gardening Now made Easy”

Gardening is regarded as an effective therapy for those suffering from Dementia and creating a fulfilling activity in assisted living homes and schools. Until now it has been difficult to create garden areas which provide a comfortable accessible area for seated and standing up users, which has led to the creation of the Green Circle Garden, Accessible Horticultural Therapy Systems. The GCG is now also made in USA and has won the 55+ Smart Choice Awards. This product ensures successful grows every year without the downfalls of regular raised garden beds.

Green Circle Garden

What The Product Solves.

Green Circle Garden has been designed for those with physical disabilities who find it difficult to kneel/bend down whilst gardening. A wide variety of Wheelchairs (Children to Large wheelchair sizes) can comfortably access the planter and conforms to ADA specifications.

The GCG is a powerful growing tool which uses hydroponics to self-irrigate plants at root level; the system is water efficient and can collect rainwater too. In arid climates the Planter Reservoir can be filled via hosepipe and can go without water for months.

This innovative accessible garden is low maintenance and ensures a blooming garden thanks to its independent grow tray which can be filled with High Quality soils, eliminating soil borne diseases in ground soils which are compacted and difficult for plants to propagate their roots, stunting growth.

The GCG can be placed on most floors and can convert hard floor areas into stunning growing facilities. The modular design allows planters to connect together to create unique landscapes offering personal or social areas for users.

Snails and Slugs can have devastating effects on a vegetable patch and getting rid of them requires insecticides which can be ingested by young children or the elderly. The GCG Planter height protects plants from snails and slugs making it easier to grow and care for plants. Growing in a Green Circle Garden is more rewarding for the gardeners.

GCG Planters can grow most plants including root vegetables thanks to its generous soil content and 9.5” soil depth.


Advantages of Gardening with Green Circle Garden:

1. Bring flowers closer up to users to enjoy

2. Comfortable to garden over prolonged amounts of time

3. Eliminates over stretching and muscle strain

4. Guarantees successful grows every time, eliminating soil borne diseases and pest such as snails and slugs.

5. Self-Irrigation ensures optimal root propagation and keeps plants healthy.

6. Hydrating plants at root level increases water efficiency by reducing evaporation from top soil.

7. Planters can be unattended for prolonged amounts of time without need for watering.

8. Comfortable gardening experience from a Wheelchair or Standing up.

9. Collects Rainwater

10. Easily filled via Hosepipe

11. Planters can connect together to create social or personal landscapes depending on setting.

12. Can be placed on hard floor areas to create functional garden facilities in Schools and Assisted living homes.

Green Circle Garden


Common Issues

Existing products such as raised garden beds are not ergonomic enough for wheelchair users as they work sideways on, making any pottering quite complicated and uncomfortable for prolonged amounts of time which can result in injury and straining of the muscles.

The majority of failures in growing plants arise from over or under watering. Ground soils become compacted over time and water finds it hard to penetrate to the roots. The GCG with its internal reservoir allows the plants to gather moisture at root level and any excess or rain water is drained into the reservoir.

For an immersive gardening experience it is important for users to get up close to the flowers/plants especially for those with impaired eye sight, regular ground level gardens and raised garden beds do not solve this issue. The GCG Planter brings flowers up close to the user to be enjoyed and kept in optimal form. Horticultural Therapy activities are more effective as the senses of sight, touch and smell are within arm’s length.

Snails and Slugs are a common issue when growing plants, the Green Circle Garden protects from these critters due to the height and texture of the planter eliminating the need to use toxic pesticides.

Gardens have high annual maintenance costs whereas the GCG is low maintenance. The planter can easily be moved if required and stack for easy storage when not in use.


Green Circle Garden

Hi GCG, I would like to mention how brilliant the accessible planters have been for my class who all have some degree of visual impairment. We have already grown two lots of salad leaves which have been tasted and eaten by adults and pupils and the sunflowers are currently the best in the school! Your system of accessible planting for our wheelchair pupils has made growing and caring for plants so much easier. Members of Owls class were able to be more independent in watering and planting seeds, bulbs especially as everything is at the right height. The seedlings which they were helped to transplant were protected from the slugs and snails because of the height and therefore grew in a more protected environment. In turn that gave better results and was more rewarding for the pupils. So thank you once again. Alzyn Johnson, Head teacher at Fordwater School, Chichester, United Kingdom.

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Green Circle Garden