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Hearing Protection Enhancement Walkers Game Ear Listening Device

Hearing Protection & Enhancement with the Walker's Game Ear HD Listening Devices

Walkers Game Ears offer exceptional sound amplification and hearing assistance

Superior hearing is one of the most vital skills in the animal kingdom distinguishing predator from prey. In the animal kingdom, heightened sense hearing provides vital pieces of information ultimately deciding who will survive. Sound waves and frequencies describe the source of the sound, its location, and surroundings to both prey and predator alike. In the nature, a heightened sense of hearing is regarded as a superhero ability providing information in an ambiguous environment. This phenomenal skill in nature has been studied and integrated in Walker's Game Ear technology.

Hearing Protection and Enhancement with the Walker's Game Ear HD Listening Devices

The Walker's Game Ear is especially favored in the sport of hunting. Refined hunters are aware that the ability to distinguish sound and protect their hearing is essential to the sport. Before the Walker's Game Ear was invented, damaging blasts of a gun had devastating effects on the hearing function. The Walker's Game is ideal because it is specially designed to amplify, clarify, and define essential pieces of information while protecting the hearing function at the same time. The device amplifies sound wave frequencies which the human ear does easily detect naturally. A built-in safety circuit system compresses noise levels exceeding 110 dB. The combination of these two features provides more information about their target while eliminating the damaging affect on hearing due to the blast of the gun. These qualities make the Walker's Game Ear an ideal hunting tool. The Walker's Game Ear High Definition Models provide features suiting different needs.

There are several different types of Walker's Game Ears. The Walker's Game Ear HD is the basic model. The device amplifies sound up to seven times and compresses sound exceeding 110 dB. It offers high definition sound automatically eliminating unwanted noise and clarifies important sound by a computer chip which manipulates incoming sound wave frequencies.

The Walker's Game Ear HD II with AFT (Adjustable Frequency Tuning) is an upgrade from the basic Walker's Game Ear HD. The device operates like the basic model, but it amplifies sound up to eight times and also allows the operator to manually adjust the tone of sound the same way the operator is able to adjust the treble and bass on a sound system.

The Walker's Game Ear HD III with WC offers a wireless communication feature. The device amplifies sound up to nine times. The operators can communicate on any FRS or GMRS two-way radio. This feature is essential to those working in pairs because incoming sound can only be heard by the operators so communication can be carried out while minimizing the chance of being detected by their game.

The Walker's Game Ear HD IV with PBC (Power Boost Control) optimizes the quality of sound by providing 52 dB of power amplifying sound up to eleven times. The device also comes with the adjustable frequency tuning feature (AFT). This newest model provides more accurate sound reproduction enabling users to listen to their surroundings without the distortion. The device significantly reduces extra circuit noise and unnecessary wind noise.

Hearing Protection and Enhancement with the Walker's Game Ear HD Listening Devices

The Walker's Game Ear does not just benefit sport. It also is a beneficial tool for various professions as well. For those working in loud environments, the Walker's Game Ear allows the user to hear, but compresses sound intensity when it reaches a dangerous level. This enabling product is perfect for both hearing enhancement as well as preservation.

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