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Our Heated Clothing Will Keep Your Loved Ones Warm and Cozy

Prefect clothing for the cold winter months!

Let’s face it many of us can’t wait until winter arrives because winter brings with it a plethora of new and exciting recreational opportunities. You can go skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or maybe just spending sometime enjoying the great outdoors. Being out the freezing cold can be a lot of fun, being freezing cold umm, not so much. In the “old days” dressing warm for the cold meant you would have to put on several layers of clothing and a big bulky jacket. Well we say out with the old in with the new. You don’t have to bulk up with several layers of clothing and look like the Michelin man or perhaps a member of the Inuit Tribe or a cast off from the movie Fargo. Using the latest ion powered batteries and some pretty slick heating technology, you can still be toasty warm in the coldest of conditions and still look sleek and stylish with fashionable and practical heated clothing from Our heated clothing selection makes the perfect gift for policemen and firemen, construction workers, hunters, motorcycle riders and anyone who works or plays outside during the coldest months of the year.

1. City Collection Soft Shell Heated Jacket

No matter the occasion or activity stay warm, comfortable and stylish with the Soft Shell Heated Jacket City Collection from Venture Heat. Built upon Xtreme Comfort Technology, this jacket has four separate flexible, micro fiber heating panels that work with the three setting temperature controller to personalize your comfort. Plus, with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and durable polyester exterior, this jacket will surely last for many winters. So get back out there and enjoy the bitterness of winter with style and warmth! Temperature Controller with three just right settings Buy yours today from Active Forever!

Heated jacket

Mens Heated Jacket

2. Heat Mens Heated Soft Shell Jacket

Perfect for the motorcycle rider in your family! The sophisticated, rechargeable lithium ion battery inside provides hours of warmth where you need it most. The level of heat is easily adjustable and targets the core areas of the back and chest. With ActiveForevers low prices, this jacket makes a great gift to a loved one or yourself as it is sure to be a winter staple on everyone's list.
With different temperature settings for the ultimate comfort level, there is no reason to go cold ever again. With affordable, advanced technology like this, its possible to stay toasty, look utterly fab and defy the brutal chill of nature all at once!

3. Womens Heated Quilted Nylon Vest

The fashionable quilted nylon vest from Venture Heat is the epitomy of comfort and function for any winter activity. With flexible, light weight heating elements and a rechargeable lithium ion battery, this vest keeps your back, chest and neck warm throughout. Perfect as a stand alone jacket, but also thin enough to work as a mid layer, this vest will keep you playing your favorite winter sports without hindering your movement or dexterity. Get out there and enjoy the outdoors, even during the most chilling cold weather, with this heated nylon vest.

Womens Heated Vest


4. Venture Heat 12V Heated Scooter Vest

The Venture Heat 12V Heated Scooter Vest is the lightweight, warm motorcycle/scooter vest riders have been searching for! Unlike traditional outerwear vests that try to trap your body heat between layers, the Venture Heat 12V Heated Scooter Vest uses active heating to keep you warm in cold climates. Soft, pliable, and ultra-thin heating panels line the vest designed to evenly distribute heat, while micro-alloy heating fibers are coil and wire-free. Buy the Venture Heat 12V Heated Scooter Vest from ActiveForever today.

5. Venture Heat 12V Heated Pant Liner

The Venture Heat 12V Heated Pant Liner is designed to be hooked up to your vehicle's existing battery, making this heated liner easy to use and convenient. Available in four sizes, the heated pant liner features warming elements that run along the length of the legs and thighs, making this heated pant liner great for use no matter where you are. Unisex, heats evenly with not hot spots!

Heated Pants Liner


6. 12V Heated Motorcycle Gloves NEW!

Keep your hands warm while youre riding down the high way with these 12V heated motorcycle gloves. These genuine black leather gloves connect directly to your motorcycle, scooter, ATV or Sno Mobile battery to heat the flexible multi layered heating elements to keep your hands and fingers toasty all winter long. Additionally, with their ergonomic design and gel pads in the palms and knuckles, these gloves are comfortable, practical and all for an almost effortless grip for every rider. Get yours from Active Forever today and live the dream!

7. Epic Series Heated Mittens NEW!

The Venture Heat Epic Series Heated Mittens are just like little ovens for your hands... if the oven were on a very low setting of course. These heated mittens will never cook your hands, but will rather keep them warm, toasty, comfortable and frostbite free. They are long-lasting as well, and can remain warm for up to 8 whole hours. The on-board control-panel allows the wearer to easily adjust the settings so you get just the preferred level of heat. They are shock resistant and size-adjustable as well.

Heated Electric Mittens


8. Venture Heat 12V Heated Insoles

The Venture Heat 12V Heated Insoles were created to keep your toes and feet warm as you ride your motorcycle. Anatomically contoured for optimal support and comfort, these instantly-heated insoles feature revolutionary micro-alloy heating fibers for comfortable, coil-free, lightweight heated clothing. Additional PU foam provides added shock absorption for bumpier rides. Protect your feet from the cold when you buy the Venture Heat 12V Heated Insoles from ActiveForever today!

9. Battery Heated Hand Warmer NEW!

Bitter cold weather can leave your fingers frozen, motionless, and stinging with pain from the sheer "bone chilling" temperatures that Father Winter punishes us with. That is why there are products like the Battery Heated Hand Warmer which uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery to produce heat and keep your hands and fingers full of life and energy. Made from durable, light weight, stain resistant fabric, this pouch will survive those pesky winter mornings and allow you to continue your activities without the pain and discomfort of the frigid environment.

Battery Heated Hand Warmer

Heated Blanket

10. Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket with Sleeves

The Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket with Sleeves is a premium fleece personal blanket with the built-in convenience of front sleeve openings and Venture Heats revolutionary Add Heat heating panel. The innovative design allows the wearer to keep their hands free, without sacrificing heat. Simply plug it into the nearest outlet and wear while using the laptop, lounging on the couch, or just as you curl up with a good book. The Huggie Buddy Heated Blanket with Sleeves is a high-quality device to help get you through the winter months in warmth and style.