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How Doctors Stay Well - Health Secrets from Top Specialists Part 2


How Doctors Stay Well

Health Secrets from Top Specialists (Part 2)

Forget about trying to make heads or tails of the latest health news. To stay healthy, just do what the experts do. Here, some of the country's top specialists reveal how they prevent the ailments they treat...

Stroke and Dementia

Guy McKhann, MD
John Hopkins School of Medicine

You can keep your mind agile and reduce risk of stroke and other neurological diseases if you...

Exercise. I work out at the gym for one hour two days a week. Exercise stimulates the production of trophic factors, substances that the brain needs to stay healthy and recover from injury.

Take a low-dose (81-mg) aspirin every other day. It helps prevent small blood clots that can cause stroke.

Supplement with vitamin E. I take 400 international units (IU) daily. Research strongly suggests that vitamin E can slow the onset of cognitive declines as well as Alzheimer's disease.

Guy McKhann, MD, is professor of neurology and neuroscience and founding chairman of the department of neurology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore.

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