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How to Choose the Best Lift Chair

Find the best lift chair to suit your needs and match your home décor!

Lift Chairs are incredibly useful devices designed to help lift you from a sitting to a standing position. Though classified as medical devices, lift chairs are designed to blend in with your home's furniture so they look just like a standard chair or recliner. Lift chairs are incredibly comfortable and provided an added lift for those who suffer from an assortment ailments. If you or a loved one have had a knee or hip replacement, suffer from arthritis, deal with partial paralysis due to a stroke, have difficulty standing up from a sitting position without assistance, or simply have an elderly loved one and wish to prevent falls, a lift chair is a practical, affordable, comfortable, and stylish solution.

Depending on your choice of style and fabric, a lift chair can be a significant investment. Before purchasing a lift chair, it is important to carefully select the chair that is right for you. In addition to appearance, lift chairs offer additional options to suit your personal needs.

Pride LCM 358M

How does a lift chair work?

Many lift chairs are controlled by a hand-held remote (typically connected to the chair to avoid misplacing it) that will allow the user of the chair to have full control once in it. A lift chair's objective is to assist the user by raising the chair so that the user can go from a standing position to a relaxed, seated or laying position and back with ease. The chair takes away the difficulty of bending over.

There are several differences between infinite position lift chairs and 2 or 3 position chairs. Infinite position chairs have two motors whereas 2 and 3 position chairs only have one. With 2 or 3 position chairs, when reclining, your foot rest will raise as well; the position of the footrest is not adjustable. In contrast, the infinite position chair recliner and footrest positions are independent of each other. The controller has two buttons, as opposed to the one on the 2 or 3 position chairs: one for the back and one for the foot rest. This enables the consumer to adjust the recline angle and footrest to their individual preference. Yet both chairs can recline fully so they can be used for sleeping.

Golden Lift Chair

Will it be aesthetically pleasing?

Reclining Lift chairs are not only made to fit all people, but they are created to fit in with any décor as well as any lifestyle. Lift Chair fabrics offer plentiful options. Even beyond colors to fit your taste, there are fabric options that fit to your lifestyle and can weather the wear and tear of nearly any situation. There is high-quality micro-suede, which is a man-made knit blend of polyester fibers almost a hundred times finer than human hair. While very similar to normal suede, Micro-Suede is softer and easier to clean. As a furniture upholstery, it is very durable and resistant to dirt and is easily cleaned by wiping the fabric with a dry cloth.

Ultraleather, is another popular option. This material offers the look and feel of leather, but is more durable than genuine, hide upholstery. With a durability rating 13 times the industry standard for heavy-duty fabrics and with built-in stain resistance, this water-repellent polyurethane upholstery is built to last. Most stains can be removed from an Ultraleather lift chair with the use of water, soap, and/or common alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Ultraleather is also highly resistant to temperature changes, remaining cool to the touch even when exposed to direct sunlight and resisting the stiffening and cracking of normal leather in cold weather. Yet another more affordable fabric choice is vinyl, which is a plastic resin made from chlorine and ethylene. It is non-breathable, which allows it to absorb and contain heat.

Pride Lift Chair

How do you find the right chair for you?

Having a choice is always preferred, so we have collected some of the most highly-rated lift chair products in America. These companies include Golden Technologies, Pride, and Health Circle; some of the most reputable lift chair companies America has to offer. Because we work with such a variety of companies, there is a fit out there for whatever you need. The lift chairs are meant to hold people for extensive amounts of time and therefore are created to be both supportive and comfortable.

To find the right fit for you, the chair needs to fit your definition of comfortable: whether you prefer firm support or more cushion, we will find it. No matter your body type, there will be a chair that fits you and we would love to help you find it. For example, companies like Pride Mobility offer a range of chairs: some chairs are simple, with lifting seat mechanisms only, while others recline fully. Costs also vary from around five-hundred up to several thousand dollars, depending on the features, size, and materials. Pride Mobility lift chairs are a well-known brand that is worth the costs. With an array of options available, mobility lift chairs truly promote health, safety, and independence for everybody.

Golden Lift Chair

What upgrades are offered to a standard lift chair?

Many lift chairs come with optional heating and massage capabilities so as to provide the customer with ultimate in luxury and relaxation. These options are add-ons and will ultimately raise the price of the chair, yet for the amount of time spent in the chair it is certainly worth the little extra.

At ActiveForever, our goal is to find what works for you, our client. We will be able to find the perfect lift chair to suit your needs, and with our dedicated customer service representatives, we will be able to assist you with any further questions you may have.

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