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How to Choose The Best Medication Management Devices

Medication compliance and medication management are two of the major serious issues facing healthcare.  A simple Google search will provide staggering statistics and eye-opening articles communicating the extremely high number of pills the average person takes a day. The search may also bring up heart-wrenching stories of those who became more ill or even died due to a mistake in taking medication or missing their medication altogether. With so many people depending on daily medication, the need for a simple way to manage these pills proves imperative.  Both young and old alike, struggle with keeping multiple dosages, times and right medication in line.  The risk of taking medication at the wrong time or the wrong medication at the right time poses a real danger. Consider the following questions if you, or someone you love, takes medication.

 Start Simple.

 Do you need to sort your pills?

Many people try to sort their pills by using their fingers and the medicine bottle. Maybe you pour all the pills on the counter or table.  Do not risk dropping pills on the ground or risk the unsanitary services of a countertop or table.  Check out the Pharmacy Pill Counter Tray. This simple device will provide you with a clear surface to assist in identification and distribution of pills. Easily count out and sort the pills for the week or month by using this invaluable device.  has also sifted through the best choices of portable pill organizers that suit a variety of needs: Pill Planners


Do you need to cut your pills?

 This cost effective device provides users the ability to split pills and tablet with out injuring themselves with a sharp knife or losing the pills to the ground!  This device works on all sizes of tables and pills and provides convenient storage.  Pill Splitter & Crusher

How often do you need your pills organized?

Every person has different needs when it comes to the best way to organize your personal medication management. Our goal is to provide you the best product to organize your personal medication management needs. Consider if you want your product to organize your pills for a week, every 2 weeks, or maybe a whole month. Also consider how many times a day you need to take your medication. Some just need one compartment a day, but others may need a product that has 4 compartments a day.


Twice A Day Pill Organizer  


Tabtime Black Wallet 7 Day Weekly Pill Organizer  

Mediplanner II Medicine Organizer  


MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser  

MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer  

MedCenter 31 Day Vitamin Organizer  


Do you need to take your daily medicines with you?

Many people on medication live an active life on the run. You do not want to drag your entire months’ supply of medication on your person just for a day out with friends. Many of the products below allow you to organize a week or month of medications, yet still allowing you to take your daily medication with you on the go. Some other models allow you to take whole weeks medication in a compact wallet carry case.  Consider what product will fit your lifestyle best!

MedCenter Travel Weekly Pill Organizer with Nylon Case  

Apex MediChest Medicine Organizer  

Large 7 Day Weekly Pill Organizer  

Apex 14 Day Pill Organizer Wallet  

Do low vision, arthritis, or dexterity issues affect your use of pill containers?

No longer do you have to struggle with hard to open pill dispensers. Do you take the wrong pills on the wrong day simply because you cannot see the markings on your pill organizer? The MedCenter Mini Monthly Pill Organizer  may be just the product you need. The bold large print with opaque color ensures the customer will easily see the day and content of each compartment. With easy to open lids this device is sure to please. Make sure to check out the huge variety of medication management as most of the products cater to those with low vision or dexterity struggles.

Do you need reminded to take your pills?

Many people live life with the weighty burden to always remember to take their medication multiple times a day. Why not leave those anxious thoughts with a reliable medication alarm that will always remind you right on time to take your medication. Whether you just need one reminder a day all the way to eight reminders a day, has the product to fit your needs. Live life with one less thing to remember- let your medication reminder do the remembering for you!

Top Reminders:

Tabtime Super 8 Pill Timer Reminder with Alarm  

Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Timer Reminder  

Tabtime Timer Medication Reminder Alarm  

Get the best! Go Deluxe!

Do you need an automated medication dispenser?

The automatic pill dispenser combines everything you would want in medication management into one convenient, compact, high-tech product. This product provides both visual and audible alarms. The tamper-proof locking system allows a caregiver to set-up the patient’s weekly or monthly medication for easy monitoring. The simple set-up allows caregivers to program the automated reminders for multiple times a day. This relieves the caregiver of dutiful medication distribution while providing peace of mind that the automated pill dispenser will work perfect for the patient.

MedReady Automatic Medication Dispenser


Author: Raquel “Rocky” Johnson, Homecare & Medication Devices Specialist

                Direct Dial: 480-459-3201