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How Stress Affects Health

Health and Stress - The Importance of Training Your Body's Natural Defense To Combat Stress

"It's not stress that kills us. It is our reaction to it." This is the simplified conclusion of the experiments conducted by the renowned psychologist, Hans Selye. According to his research, the physiological response to stress directly affects all functions relating to the respiratory system. The effects of stress may be positive or negative depending on how the situation is perceived. Survival is determined by the ability to cope and adapt to a changing environment. The inability to return to a natural state of homeostasis may result in an unhealthy life-style lacking poor adaptation skills. If the notion of stress is generally understood to be negative; then the physiological functions will also respond negatively. The immune system weakens, blood pressure increases along with the risk of heart disease, and poor eating habits mixed with minimal activity define an unhealthy life-style ultimately lowering self-confidence. An optimistic understanding of stress recognizes and seizes opportunity to pro-actively produce results. Stress is perceived to the degree it is understood.

Are you stressed out?

Stress is the pressure placed on the body and spirit to maintain a holistic equilibrium. Perfect balance is the physical and metaphysical functioning as one. The collective unity initiates a nirvanic state of mind. Change is the intruder off-setting the equilibrium. At this point, the mind automatically engages in psychological warfare as it struggles to reestablish balance through coping and adaptation skills. Stress challenges the strategy of our cognitive infantry and demands we become cerebral war heroes. So what can we use to fight the negative effects of stress?

Weapons of Artificial Intelligence

The StressEraser Stress Eraser monitors the body's breathing pattern as it fosters consistent rhythm through visual indicators. The objective of this device is to direct the user towards heightened relaxation. The machine detects patterns in the user's pulse represented by a sine wave on the screen of the device. The user's goal is to consistently produce long rounded waves. The user is awarded points as breathing patterns approach an optimal level. A typical healthy individual scores at least 100 points a day. This device disciplines the body's nervous system to control the negative aspects of physiological arousal and teaches the user to reach heightened relaxation when stress is eminent.

The emWave2 is a personal stress relieving device which incorporates deep breathing exercises, heart rhythm coherence, and dynamic positive emotional management into one compact and easy to use handheld device. An innovative built-in coherence coach helps provide easy to follow steps to help you take complete control of your wellness. Simple, easy to use and scientifically proven, the emWave2 helps you transform your angst, depression and frustration into more positive, peaceful and soothing feelings.

StressEraser in use

Massages focus on manipulating muscle tissue which loosens and removes toxins trapped in the muscle and ensures nutrients get dispersed throughout the entire body. The objective of a massage is to relieve stress through the relief of muscular tension. Muscles are loosened and tension is relieved when pressure is applied. The objective of the Bongers Massage Tool, Body Back Buddy, and DaVinci Massage Tool is to relieve pain associated with stress by applying pressure to a specific muscle or muscle group. The Nukkles Head Massager and Tingler Head Massager offer light surface stimulation which feels good as it is therapeutic. Flexible muscles indicate a good heart and good health.


Stress is a "weapon of mass destruction". It has the ability to permanently damage vital physiological systems by prohibiting the execution of necessary functions to be healthy. Exercising respiratory control, relieving muscular tension, being well nourished, and living an active lifestyle are necessary practices which build and strengthen our natural defense system to combat the effects of negative stress.

Massage with the Body Back Buddy

Author: Sasha Sagadraca
Direct: 480.459.3200