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How to Choose Hearing Assistive Listening Device Aids

How to Choose an Assistive Listening Device for Your Impaired Hearing Needs

ActiveForever's Team of Product Experts Helps You Find the Ideal Hearing Device

Not being able to hear what is going on around you can be frustrating to say the least. Whether you are hearing impaired or are starting to lose your hearing, you may miss out on conversations with loved ones and have difficulty communicating with others. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss or difficulty, Active Forever probably has a solution for you. We understand that it may not be easy to choose an item that fits your specific needs so we would like to offer some pointers and advice in choosing a personal sound amplifier or hearing aid from some of our most popular items that is right for you. If you have mild-to-moderate hearing loss or impairment, one of these products should work for you!

Able Planet PSAP2500 In Ear Amplifier

Often compared to reading glasses for the ears, many of the innovative models come preset to increase sounds in the high frequencies that most people lose first. That lets buyers bypass audiologists, who have usually controlled the market by giving hearing tests and selling custom-programmed hearing aids.


Sonic Super Ear Plus SE7500 Personal Sound Amplifier

Sonic Super Ear Plus SE7500 Personal Sound Amplifier

The Sonic Super Ear Plus SE7500 can fit easily in a pocket or purse and picks up sounds from up to 100 yards away and increases sounds by 40 + decibels. This personal amplifier can help those who have difficulty hearing others in conversation, hearing the television or enjoying the sounds of nature. The circuit technology and earbud style earphones help to reduce scratchiness and feedback, providing clearly amplified sound to the user. The Super Ear Plus SE7500 also features a volume control conveniently located on the earphone wire that allows the user to adjust to each situation.

Game Ear Digital HD Elite Hearing Enhancers

Walker’s Game Ear, launches the Digital HD Power Elite line of personal hearing enhancers, now equipped with Nano Technology. These advanced, state-of-the art hearing aids from ActiveForever are designed to suit the needs of hunting and gun enthusiasts. They are powerful digital hearing aids in a deceptively small device created with the active outdoorsman in mind.

Songbird Hearing Aid

Walker's Game Ear UltraEar - ITC (Pair)

The Walker's Game Ear UltraEar - ITC (Pair) is a device designed to provide sound enhancement and protection to both ears. An adjustment system allows the user to quickly modify the tone and volume for the best possible results. It also incorporates a mild suppression circuit to help muffle muzzle blasts for people who enjoy hunting. recommends that all those interested in hearing aids and assistive devices consult their doctor prior to purchase. Only your doctor will know that an item will be appropriate for your needs and your health.