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How to Get in Shape Without Spending a Ton of Money

How to Get in Shape Without Spending a Ton of Money

Inexpensive Home Fitness Equipment Offers Alternatives to Costly Gym Memberships

Everyone has experienced some degree of stress or anxiety due to recent economic changes in our environment. More specifically, many people have a difficult time dealing with this stress when they are hurting financially. A common response may be to eat more than usual which leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction of their overall health and fitness. Fortunately, there are a variety of products that will assist in feeling fit while saving money on expensive equipment or gym membership fees.

Exercises balls are one of the most popular fitness aids on the market today. These balls are soft and durable and are made of a unique latex material that prevents bursting. Along with improving balance and coordination, the exercise balls assist in developing spinal mobility. Exercise balls such as the Swiss Ball, Thera Band Exercise Ball, and the Mini 7.5 inch Fitness Fusion Ball help you to strengthen both your upper and lower body using an assortment of simple yet effective exercises. Gym balls are also great for stretching out the core and helping to relieve stress.

There are several exercises which include strengthening the core and developing tighter abs, hamstrings, and buttocks. The trunk extension is a back exercise in which the body is draped forward over the ball and the back is then lifted up slowly and repeated in order to strengthen and build muscle in the lower back. Core crunchers are a great way to build muscle in the abs and core muscles. Starting on your knees, place your elbows on the ball and roll forward and then back to the starting position. The seated wall roll is often a favorite to further develop the quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks. Start with placing the ball between the back and the wall, and squat until reaching a 45 degree angle, and finish in the starting position. Finally, two of the most common exercises are the standard pushups and basic crunches, which should be done the same as the standard exercises with the assistance of the ball. Exercise balls are available in various colors and sizes; the size of the ball should be proportionate the user's height.


Overall, the exercise balls are inexpensive and are great for low impact exercises. They are great for all ages and can be used in home, at the office, or even in the pool. Exercise balls are great for all fitness levels!

Uniband Latex Free Resistance Bands  are another popular apparatus that can be used at home or in the office. Used by Olympic swimmers to tone and build lean muscle, exercise bands are perfect for both upper and lower body conditioning. The bands improve range of motion and strength by providing a positive and negative force on the muscles being used. The color and the different thickness of the bands determine the different resistance levels. The color-coded progression helps move from one level to the next to show progress. The exercise bands are easy to use. Start by cutting the band to the appropriate length, then tie the ends together and they are ready to use! This comprehensive system provides positive reinforcement and feedback for gauging results. Overall, the exercise bands are much more affordable than other similar products, especially free weights.

Lastly, the HEALTHSMART Digital 3-Dimension Pocket Pedometer is a device that accurately measures the amount of steps taken throughout the day. It also records how far you have gone in miles and how many calories have been burned. The device is placed in your pocket or bag, or can be clipped to your belt. By tracking the number of steps taken throughout the day, it makes it easy to work on increasing the amount of physical activity in order lose weight. This will lead to a decrease in stress, enhanced energy, and improved sleep. Personal goals can be set each week to increase physical activity by twenty percent!


There are many ways to bring exercise into the home while avoiding the expensive costs of gyms and rehabilitation centers. The products mentioned here are just a few of the many ways to stay fit without spending a lot of money. Whether using one product or a variety of products, find the fitness plan that works best for you!

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