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How to Treat Scoliosis Back Pain

Treatment of Scoliosis Pain Helps Me Enjoy the Activities I Love

Throughout recent years, back and neck pain has been associated with the elderly or with individuals who have survived traumatic events, such as car or work place accidents. In most cases, medication and periodic massages seem to help lessen the pain; more often than not, people tend to just deal with the pain by mentally discouraging alternative means of help. However, for persons with Scoliosis, ignoring the pain is not an option, especially when back and neck pain is ever so present in the daily life of a young adult.

Although scoliosis occurs as early as infancy or adolescence, it is an unpreventable condition that cannot be reversed. As an individual with Scoliosis begins developing, an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine occurs that is either in the shape of a "C" or an "S". Because of this unnatural curve, individuals, such as myself, often feel immense pain in the neck, upper and lower back, and hips, which then leads to problems in the hips, knees, and joints.

To help combat daily pain after physical therapy at the age of 16, I began using the ProLite Lo Plus Lumbar Support. This brace has been designed to provide superior lumbar support that not only helped to improve my posture, but also allowed me to sit or stand for longer periods of time. This discreet back brace is made out of a thin, stretchy material that is great for both men and women and can be worn underneath clothing for all day support. By using a back brace on a daily basis, I was able to help train and strengthen my body's core to support my spine and alleviate pressures on the lower vertebrae.

Because Scoliosis often causes deformities such as uneven musculature on one side of the spine, a rib "hump", a prominent shoulder blade, and uneven hip, rib cage and shoulder levels, most teens become ridiculed by other youth. After receiving such brutal harassments in and outside of school, I noticed a decline of confidence and self-esteem; I began to hunch forward to try to become invisible. The combination of slouching and the already unnatural curvature of the spine made a huge impact on my posture and I needed to look for alternate means of support.

ShouldersBack Posture Support

After lots of research, I found the ShouldersBack Posture Support to be the most effective as it helped retrain the muscles on my back so that I could obtain proper posture once again. Made out of a thin, lightweight and breathable fabric, I wore the posture support discreetly under clothing for one hour a day while running errands. Not only did my body begin to adapt to the support and my posture began to significantly improve, but I found myself standing a bit taller and feeling more confident every day.

Scoliosis Pain

While my stance began to improve and my lower back seemed to get stronger, I couldn't seem to get rid of the pain I felt in my neck and shoulders. At the recommendation of a doctor, I began visiting a Chiropractor; it is at these visits that I first used a cervical traction device to stretch and relive muscle tensions in the neck. I began looking for at-home versions of the device and came across the NeckPro Overdoor Cervical Traction Device.

After the quick set up, I began using the NeckPro and immediately felt a sense of relief. The tightness in my neck, upper back and shoulders was alleviated and the headaches that I often suffered from began to diminish. Since the curvature of the spine often begins at the tailbone and continues up through the neck, pinched nerves put pressure on the vertebrae and lead to added discomforts such as headaches and migraines; the NeckPro's patented technology effectively reduced the pain and stretched my neck without the need of visiting a pricey Chiropractor.

Because Scoliosis affects my entire body, I often look forward to lying down at night. While sleeping is often seen as a time for the body to unwind and heal, without the right equipment, it can be detrimental to the spine. The Basic Cervical Pillow Standard Support and the Double Core Pillow Medium Firm Support have proven to be highly effective as they are designed to provide ultimate neck support. The shape and firmness of these pillows allow the neck to lie in its most natural position so the body can re-establish the proper curvature of the neck to alleviate neck pain and relieve tension headaches and muscle spasms. After tossing and turning for years while using a regular store bought pillow and waking up with a sore neck, I was relieved to get a full night's rest after I purchased a cervical pillow.

Although Scoliosis will stay with me for the rest of my life, constant care and use of specific products will ensure that I feel little to no pain. Whether the curvature of the neck and back is slight or severe, back braces, neck traction devices and cervical pillows are an essential part of keeping Scoliosis from interfering with everyday life.

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