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Inogen One FAA approved

For Immediate Release
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June 5, 2006

The FAA has approved two Personal Oxygen Concentrators for use on commercial flights. These portable units weigh less than 10 pounds and provide up to 5 LPM (liters per minute) give travelers dependant on medical oxygen a new found freedom to travel. These units can be used on several major airlines and most Cruise Lines. Two models of Portable Oxygen Concentrators, The Inogen One POC and the Airsep Lifestyle have been approved by the FAA for use aboard aircraft and during flight and are specifically named in SFAR 106. While these two units use similar technology, the major difference is the battery life. The Airsep Lifestyle uses an older battery Nickel based technology that only lasts 50 minutes per charge. The Inogen One uses a more advanced Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of normal use. Guidelines for the use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator may only be used in its battery-operated mode. Most airlines do not have electrical outlets on board for commercial product use, check with your airline if there is power for lap top computers.

In order to use your Portable Oxygen Concentrator during a commercial flight, the Inogen One POC must have a label attached indicating that it has been approved for use in aircraft. All units shipped by are approved for use on commercial flights.

If you are using your Portable Oxygen Generator, you must have a sufficient number of fully charged batteries to cover the duration of the flight and anticipated delays, plus one extra charged battery for unanticipated delays. Extra batteries must be packaged for carry on in a manner to prevent short circuit. Battery terminals must either be recessed or packaged so as to prevent contact with metal objects, including terminals of other batteries. The Inogen One offers several power options including a AC home adapter, a 12 volt DC power converter for your car, and a 4 prong adapter which is the same type used for lap tops that is available on many RV's and on some commercial aircraft. For most domestic flights, you should have at least 3 batteries which will provide sufficient power for a 5 hour flight and up to 3 hours for layovers and unforeseen delays. If you are not flying a direct flight, you should have an additional battery for each flight segment. When you are traveling with an Oxygen Concentrator, make sure that you inform your travel agent or the booking agent that you are using a POC and arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure.


Active Forever is proud to feature the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator. We are offering summer travelers buy one extra battery for $265 and get a second battery free a $250.00 Airline Gift card on Southwest Airlines or US Air. We also offer free shipping on all Inogen One orders via 2nd Day Air.

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Product Comparison: AirSep LifeStyle vs. Inogen One
Product Name AirSep LifeStyle Inogen One
Unit Cost $4,495 $5,495
FAA Approved Yes Yes
Maximum LPM 5* 5*
Weight (lbs) 9.75 9.7
Dimensions (Inches)    
Depth 16.3 11.62
Width 7.25 6.0
Height 5.5 12.39
Volume (ft3) 0.4 0.5
Avg. Noise (Db) 55 36
Power (Watts) 35 30-46
Battery Cost (SRP) $195 $265
Battery Life 50 Minutes 2-3 Hours
Recommended Batteries for a
5 Hour Flight (LA to NYC)
11 3 - 4
AC Power Adapter Included Yes Yes
12 Volt DC Power Adapter Included Yes Yes

The Following Airlines Have Approved Inogen One for Domestic and International Flights. Please check with your airline before booking your flight and confirm with the reservation agent that you are using the Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator.


  Air France Alaska Airlines Allegiant Air  
  American Airlines ATA Airlines Delta Airlines  
  Frontier Airlines Hawaiian Airlines Lufthansa  
  Midwest Airlines Northwest Airlines Qantas  
  SAS Airlines Southwest Airlines Sun Country  
  USA 3000 US Airways  



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