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The Body UP – One Patient Lift for Every Lift Need

The Need

Caregivers all over the country are plagued with the task of transferring patients multiple times a day. Many of these people are physically incapable of lifting such heavy weight, but they persevere through the pain and end up injuring themselves.


The Body UP is a caregiver’s as well as a patient’s dream come true! It emulates the wheelchair while providing the means to successfully complete a one-person transfer. There will no longer be an issue with doorway widths as The Body UP will easily fit through doorways as narrow as 24 inches.

If one of your transfer needs is for bathing you could easily roll the patient directly into the shower. The Body UP has a Foam Bath Seat that provides comfort and support, is waterproof, and includes a commode opening. Yes, you guessed it! The Body UP can be used for toileting needs too.

Another win - The lift is built with a stainless steel frame which will not rust.

Transfers are just as important outside the home. The Body UP can transfer directly into a movie theater seat or a restaurant chair. Everyone deserves to sit at a table and dispel the stigma associated with lost mobility.

Caring for loved ones doesn’t have to be painful. The Body UP enables the caregiver to work smarter, not harder and provide a safe and easy one-person transfer. The Body UP has combined the utility of a bed lift with the portability of a transport chair. The Body UP is the only device on the market which encompasses bedroom, bathroom and vehicle transfers.


One of's  customers cannot say enough about their discovery of The Body UP:

“Excited to help make a difference

I am excited to be a part of The Body UP! It is a passion of mine to help as many people a possible improve their lives. This product truly does that! For so long in the US market there has only been one product that can help people who are mobility challenged move from one location to the next (out of their wheelchair). The product is quite cumbersome and is not as compact or user friendly. This product helps create dignity and truly solves the problem from transitioning from a wheelchair to the car or to the Doctor. It helps take the burden off the care giver and give dignity to the mobility challenged. Truly Life Changing and worth every dollar!”

If you have any questions or would like to try the Body Up Evolution for yourself, contact the author.

  • Author: Nathan Gleason
  • Phone: 480-459-3173
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