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How to Keep Holidays Healthy and Happy - Part 3


How to Keep Holidays Healthy and Happy, Part 3

Are you dreading the weight you will put on this holiday season? Fight back with these tips on exercise.

By Star Lawrence
WebMD Feature: Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD

Tips for Calming Holiday Emotions

"You need to get sufficient sleep during the holidays," Steelsmith says. This is part of a "lifestyle tune-up" she recommends.

The No. 1 priority in such a tune-up is to see if you are spending your time on the things you value most. Stress goes up if you do things you don't value. Write down what things are most important to you - family, caregiving, work, status, whatever it is - and pursue those most important.

If you are overcommitted, say no. Don't feel guilty. The person who asked probably didn't want to do it either.

If the holidays are a time of religious observation for you, leave plenty of time for that.

If there are children around, remember how they love this time of year and look forward to it. Make sure they get sufficient rest and get to help with the wrapping, shopping, decorating, and cooking, even if they make these projects take longer.

The ACE recommends against unrealistic expectations. Don't expect to throw the perfect party or find the perfect gift for everyone. Somewhere, at almost every moment, a dog is eating a dropped turkey. It's part of life.

To get in touch with the "new you," take 15 minutes to be alone each day. Do some stretching. Read. Or just focus on what is around you with every sense. Do you hear tinkling bells? Smell gingerbread and pine? See sparkling lights? Feel the soft cheek of a napping child curled up next to you? Taste a sip of mulled cider or a dab of traditional eggnog on your tongue?

See? The holidays are not all scheduling, stress, sore feet, arguing, and obligation!

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