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Learn to Have Perfect Posture - and Feel Better, By Dr Brian P McKeon

Learn to Have Perfect Posture - and Feel Better

Dr. Brian P. McKeon, MD
Chief Medical Officer for the Boston Celtics

What do a small child, a ballet dancer and a meditating Buddhist monk have in common? They carry themselves gracefully and exude good health for one main reason: they all have perfect posture. Similar to a well-constructed building, a body that is in proper alignment functions in a safe and efficient manner. However, the sedentary lifestyle led by many people-especially those who have a long commute to work, sit at a desk and work at a computer-tends to produce a slumped posture.

PostureTek Biofeedback Apparel System

As a sports medicine physician, I see the result of this common problem daily: not only patients with neck, back and shoulder pain, but complaints of headache, as well as respiratory and digestive issues. Because I believe that poor posture is an epidemic, I invented the PostureTek ™ line of clothing featuring biofeedback to correct slumping or slouching. When the user slumps, these unisex shirts and female tanks(coming soon) emit a gentle vibration, alerting them to restore proper posture. PostureTek shirts are discreet: only the user is aware of the vibration, which serves as a simple training device.

The fact is, this training device can produce powerful change in the form of improved posture. Over time, muscles in the back and shoulders become stronger, and perfect posture becomes second nature. PostureTek products are easy to use and effective, which is why they appeal to everyone from laptop users to weightlifters. Everyone benefits from the proper body alignment that results from maintaining good posture.

So the next time you say "Oh, my sore neck" or "Oh, my aching back," think about your posture. A PostureTek shirt or tank-designed for men and women in a variety of colors-can help turn that painful situation around. You can learn to have perfect posture. And once you do, you'll feel better.

About Dr. Brian P. McKeon
Brian P. McKeon, MD, is a talented orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine specialist and Chief Medical Officer/Team Physician for the Boston Celtics. "In my practice, I treat professional athletes, ballet dancers and a range of individuals who live active lifestyles," says Dr. McKeon. "I understand the importance of proper biomechanics and the role of conditioning in injury prevention. I see a lot of stress injuries in my practice—they can happen to anyone." Dr. McKeon balances his scientific investigation with the development of products that prevent injury and support athletic performance. The Perseus PostureTek ™ system, which represents a revolution in biofeedback technology, is the result of extensive research by orthopedic surgeons and engineers.

Dr. Brian P. McKeon PostureTek Inventor