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Life Choice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator



Direct Dial: 480-503-8505 or 800-377-8033 x103

ActiveForever is launching a "LifeChangingGifts" campaign for the holidays, and carrying this through 2008 if you like the program, and want to keep the donations flowing!

Year after year, ActiveForever captures a tremendous amount of holiday shopping. Our business more than triples the last quarter of every year. As you know, we do so well because our pricing is fabulous, and we tend to carry very high quality, hard to find and very useful products. Especially since we've added so many more fun products this past year, we can capture much more than just medical oriented shoppers!

This is how it works:

  • Your organization is assigned a three-digit donation code of your choice.
  • ActiveForever promotes your organization prominently on our web site, in our email correspondence and in some of our print marketing materials, and your organization does the same on your end.
  • ActiveForever encourages the customer to visit the non-profit's web site to obtain the donation code, and your organization encourages your target audience to visit the most prominent page of your web site to obtain the donation code.
  • The customer clicks through to and enters the donation code while shopping online. If an order is placed via print catalog, telephone, fax or via one of the retail stores, the donation code is entered by the ActiveForever customer service counselor during his or her shopping experience.
  • Once the donation code is entered into the customer's file, ActiveForever donates 5% of whatever products that customer purchases from us back to the non-profit corresponding to the donation code!
  • That code stays in the customer file, so as long as we have our co-marketing promotion program running with your organization, you continue to earn donations from those customers as they continue to shop with us as repeat customers!
  • Interesting twist! You can create a wish list of products you’d like to ask donors to consider purchasing. That wish list will be displayed at: When a donor purchases the product(s), you get the product(s) free, and ActiveForever ALSO donates 5% of that product sale to your non-profit.

Our campaigns will be running regionally and nationally, so this will benefit your specific chapter.

ATTAIN YOUR DONATION CODE NOW: With your permission and mutual excitement, we'll be sure to choose your non-profit as one of our valued donation recipients. Once I hear from you, we will get things rolling on our end.

With “Toys for Tots” in mind… "Life Changing Gifts" drives can serve everyone who may not qualify as a "Tot", but who may be in diapers:) Only kidding! It’s ageless, it’s about disabilities, injuries or pain.

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