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Get Massage Any Time with Massage Chairs

Get Massage Conveniently Any Time with Massage Chairs

Active Forever Sells Variety of Massage Chairs for Pain Relief

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years, but it is only in the last few decades that the relaxation and health benefits from massage have been possible to experience in the comfort of your own home or office with a personal massage chair. Massage is often a part of working with a physical therapist, and chronic pain sufferers can enjoy convenient pain relief any time they sit down in a massage chair. While chair massagers have gotten reputations as expensive, luxury items, there are affordable models and the health benefits often make the purchase of a massage chair not only quite feasible but well worth it.

Whether you are receiving massage at the hands of a licensed massage therapist or a quality massage chair benefits of massage are numerous and include relaxation, pain relief, promoting healing, and overall well-being. Research has shown some of the key reasons massage produces health benefits includes that massage stimulates the body's lymph system (the body's defense against toxins), increases endorphin levels, decreases tension, increases circulation, and improves flexibility.

While early chair massager models used only vibrations to simulate massage, many massage chairs currently on the market have been designed from extensive studies of the human back and feedback analysis to provide the highest quality massages for massage chair users. As with any positive therapy, the more often you receive massage the greater and longer lasting the benefits will be. One of the benefits to owning a massage chair is that you get the benefits of massage without leaving your home, having to make appointments in advance, and don't have the financial burden of paying for every individual massage.

While there are numerous types of massage, currently most massage chairs are designed to perform Shiatsu and/or Swedish massage. Shiatsu chair massagers give Shiatsu massage use pressing, sweeping, rolling, and rotating movements with a focus on releasing tension in the body. Swedish massage focuses on fostering proper circulation, and utilizes kneading movements and gliding strokes via the massage chair. As with most things in life, different massage chairs are perfect for different individuals. There are multitudes of chair massager reviews, but there are some basic factors you want to consider when choosing your massage chair:

Comfort. Just as Goldilocks had to sit in numerous chairs before finding the perfect chair, you should take advantage of sitting in massage chairs prior to purchase to see how comfortably the chair massager fits you individually.

Massage. You're not just buying a chair, but a massage chair so you want to consider the intensity of the chair massager. Stronger, more exaggerated movements will create a more intense massage while a massage chair utilizing smaller rollers will produce a less intense massage. Remember you also want to consider if it is a Shiatsu chair massager or Swedish massage chair.

Massage Chair Programs. While some massage chairs may offer custom settings, all will have some preprogrammed massage settings that you'll want to consider before buying a massage chair. Some chair massagers are designed to target specific areas such as the back, so it is important to take into consideration the desired benefits from your chair massager.

Appearance. If you are buying a chair massager to get pain relief from chronic pain, you may not be too concerned about the appearance of your massage chair but massage chairs do come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Price. The prices of chair massagers vary widely depending on the type and features of each massage chair. A massage chair costs a larger, one-time fee at purchase but chair massager owners compare that cost verses having to pay a massage therapist for each and every massage in person. Owning a massage chair allows you the flexibility of unlimited massages (even multiple massages a day) for consistent pain relief and improved health benefits.

One very affordable option is a portable chair massager like the Carepeutic Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager. The portable chair massager offers back pain sufferers a complete shiatsu back massage at home, on the road, and an office chair massager option. The Portable Chair Massager features four settings to target all or specific areas of the back, three vibration speeds to control the intensity of the back massage, and option heat therapy. Dual adapters and adjustable straps make the portable back massager an ideal chair massager for the office, home, and car.

While the portable chair massager helps relax the back, the ultimate back massage comes from the A-619B 5-in-1 Air Pressure Massage Chair. As the name indicates the reclining, 5-in-1 Massage Chair utilizes five different settings - massage, pat, auto rolling, massage back and forth, patting back and forth - to massage your back and legs for everything from a leisure to a physiotherapy massage. The 5-in-1 Air Pressure Massage Chair is designed to accommodate people of all sizes, and massage positions can be controlled down to fitting for your individual foot size. With 10 parts just for massaging the lower body and 16 rollers, it's no surprise owners of the 5-in-1 Air Pressure Massage Chair sing its praises.

Once you sit down to test out the A-668B Air Pressure Massage Chair you won't ever want to get up from the ultimate massage chair unmatched by any reclining massage chair of its kind. Perhaps that sounds like an exaggeration? You'll only think that if you've never had the chance to sit in the A-668B Air Pressure Massage Chair. After receiving chair massager reviews from employees and customers the A-668B Air Pressure Massage Chair ranks as a favorite. This ultimate chair massager provides shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, and is in a class of its own by featuring auto-detection of your body's acupuncture points. Simply recline in the A-668B Air Pressure Massage Chair and after the seat heater relaxes the muscles of your lower back and legs, choose from any of the 7 built-in, automatic massage programs (including 3D Air Pressing Massage for your calves). The features are too extensive to do justice to here, but rest assured you'll love being able to enjoy the most luxurious, therapeutic massages ever experienced from a chair massager when you purchase the A-668B Air Pressure Massage Chair.

With such a wide range of chair massager options, Active Forever has a massage chair to fit everyone's health needs and budget. Whether you enjoy massage to help you relax or are you are in chronic pain looking for consistent pain relief, a massage chair allows you the benefits of massage without leaving your home (or office) at any time of the day you desire. At Active Forever, we only sell quality massage chairs and are proud to offer the selection of high-quality massage chairs that we do. Take a moment to look at the massage chairs we carry, and consider how the health benefits of a chair massager make the purchase of a massage chair not only quite feasible but well worth it.