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Print Marketing, Surveying & Lead Generation Programs

ActiveForever Media Communications

Leverage ActiveForever, we get you to where you want to go.

  • Decades of deep industry knowledge, including publishing, logistics and technology expertise.
  • We serve millions of high quality buyers in search of solutions.
  • National connections into the medical, fitness, productivity and safety marketplace.
  • We have massive wholesale access to everything you need, including custom branded items.
Unique Operational Efficiencies For You!

Unique Operational Efficiencies For Your:

  • Marketing Footprint and Business Growth
  • Employee Education, Safety and Outcomes
  • Promotional Products Purchasing
  • Facilities Purchasing
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment Needs
  • Reputation and Profitability
Current Projects Self-Insured Employers

We Offer Three Major Services:

1. Highly Targeted Marketing Programs For Business Growth

We get to know your business, your audience, and your business goals. We reverse engineer the best target audience and marketing messaging that causes results.

  • ActiveForever Media Communications has the unique ability to create extraordinarily effective print marketing pieces, as well as allow you to leverage our niche distribution network and powerful digital platform to attain the best results for your organization!
  • Custom Co-branded print catalogs; visually and effectively call out your core competencies, improve safety, care outcomes, and grow your business with your marketing message throughout.
  • Targeted distribution based on your specific audience definition.
  • New model of highly targeted, fully compliant, active lead generation programs; we have helped create over $1 billion in sales for our clients.
  • Our targeted method of email and direct mail campaigns get results beyond the normal 1-3% response. We know how to get response rates up with the perfect hook! Our programs achieve a minimum of 10%++ response rates!
  • We collect as much information as we can from our visitors and callers as a result of our print and online projects. We can also administer email and USPS mailing surveys and/or marketing campaigns to the audience we rally together.
2. Promotional Products

Our targeted method is most cost efficient and effective; our approach works!

  • Save money and leverage ideas for private labeled apparel and differentiating products for marketing…and even products for sale; we can also provide a custom marketplace for you, including rewards.
  • We also leverage your personalized promotional products to gather data and re-market to the customers who buy products from us in your community.
  • We can also do the same for your employee education and communications programs. This is a critical offering that improves your environmental safety, employee productivity, operational profits, service delivery and reputation as well!
3. Educational Programs, Employee Communications and Product Guidance

Our targeted method is most cost efficient and effective; our approach works!

  • Enjoy wholesale access to high quality, feature-rich medical equipment, devices, supplies robust resource for self-insured employers; Equipment guidance resource as well as employee communication/education programs that reduce risks, reduce costs, increase productivity, deepen your marketing footprint & increase profitability.
  • Our programs offer medical equipment, devices & supplies employee education & patient education, plus rewards! (Everyone wins!)
Contact Us!

Contact us! We would love to brainstorm and design a program with you!
Also, check out our current print project here.

We enable you to keep your cost of marketing, sales, logistics and risk operations to a minimum! We will make the most effective impression on your most desirable audience!

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