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Medication Compliance: Risks and Solutions for Patient Compliance and Non-Compliance of Medication

Medication Compliance: Risks and Solutions

It involves 2/3 of all Americans...
Daily 32 million Americans are affected...
It will cause 10% of all hospital admissions...
It will cause 23% of all nursing home admissions...
On average you will spend 4.2 days in hospital from it...
Attributed as the 4-6 leading cause of death among Americans...
It currently stands firm as the #1 problem in treating illnesses today...

Medication compliance, or truly the effects of non-compliance is an ever-growing force in the healthcare industry. With constant advances in the prescription industry, more and more drugs are available on the market. This combined with the increase in the elderly population lead by the baby-boomers has created an all time high concern for compliance with medication.

Non-compliance creates detrimental effects for not only the patient themselves, but also the family, caregivers, physicians and the healthcare industry as a whole. As the statistics above demonstrate there is a great need for a concentrated effort to combat this dilemma. This starts with education. Patients and caregivers must be well informed on the correct usage, effects and regime that correspond with their medication. There must be open communication between all parties involved, and a trusted relationship with their physician. This will help to insure that the patients are aware of the importance of their prescriptions and the benefits of complying with it.

Medication Compliance

The second problem that leads to medical non compliance is that the patients stops taking the medication or in inaccurate intervals. This must be combated by creating and maintaining a program or routine. A large problem is that many individuals are on several prescriptions simultaneously that need to be taking in different amounts at different increments. This will create a huge opportunity for error that can produce life-threatening effects.

This leaves the question of how to create a routine that can work for several medications, at several different times and in several different quantities. This is particularly challenging for the elderly, those with Alzheimer's or other memory loss, or caregivers who may no be with the patient at all times. The answer to this is a medication management system. By pre-filling prescription medication into a pill dispenser anyone is able to monitor the amount of medication available and when it is to be taken. A perfect example of this kind of product is the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser features a secured, tamper-proof, locking key system to avoid over-medication. With 28 medication compartments, the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser can be used for medication taken up to 4 times daily. Three different alarm tones and a blinking light alert the patient when medication needs to be taken and will not turn off until the pill dispenser is tilted on its side to dispense the pills. The Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser includes three discs that can be inserted to indicate the day of the week and the time of day depending on the number of doses needed daily. Despite its compact size, the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser also features the largest pill compartments of any other pill dispenser. The greatest feature of the Med-E-Lert overall is its versatility of use. The Med-E-Lert can be used for prescription medication, vitamins and health supplements.

Medication Compliance with the Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser

The implication of units like this can create a positive effect on medication compliance. If patients and caregivers used a prefilled dispenser it could take a large amount of risk out of their lives. This would help to reduce the high cost and danger that currently accompanies medication compliance.

Author: Whitney Braswell
Direct: 480.503.8510

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