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Mini Cycle Arm and Leg Exercise Machine Users Guide

Mini Cycle

Instruction Manual

MODEL #030 (A16183)



This exercise machine is built for optimum safety. However, certain precautions apply whenever you operate a piece of exercise equipment. Be sure to read the entire manual before you assemble or operate your machine. In particular, note the following safety precautions:

  • Keep children and pets away from the machine at all times. DO NOT leave children unattended in the same room with the machine.
  • Only one person at a time should use the machine.
  • If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, STOP the workout at once. Consult a Physician immediately.
  • Position the machine on a clear, leveled surface. DO NOT use the machine near water or outdoors.
  • Keep hands away from all moving parts.
  • Always wear appropriate workout clothing when exercising. DO NOT wear robes or other clothing that could become caught in the machine. Running or aerobic shoes are also required when using the machine.
  • Use the machine only for its intended use as described in this manual. DO NOT use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not place any sharp object around the machine.
  • Persons with disabilities should not use the machine without a qualified person or physician in attendance.
  • Before using the machine to exercise, always do stretching exercises to properly warm up.
  • Never operate the machine if the machine is not functioning properly.

Mini Cycle Parts Diagram


1 Main Body 1 PC
2 Front Stabilizer 1 PC
3 Rear Stabilizer 1 PC
4 Right Pedal 1 PC
5 Left Pedal 1 PC
6 M6 Hex Bolt 4 PCS
7 11 Washer 4 PCS
8 Computer 1 PC
9 Base Reinforcement 2 PCS
10 Knob 1 PC
11 Knob Screw 1 PC
12 Crank Arm 1 PC


  • Fix the front stabilizer (2) to the main body (1) with 2 sets of M8 hex bolts (6) and 16 washers (7).

    Assembly instructions

  • Fix the rear stabilizers (3) to the main body (1) with 2 sets of M8 hex bolts (6) and 16 Washers (7).

    Assembly instructions

  • The right pedal (4) are marked "R" on the end of the pedal axle. Connect to the appropriate crank arm (12). Note that the right pedal should be threaded on clockwise.

    Assembly instructions

  • The left pedal (5) are marked "L" on the end of the pedal axle. Connect to the appropriate crank Arm (12). Note that the left pedal should be threaded on anti-clockwise.

    Assembly instructions

Recheck to be sure all the bolts and nuts are tightened securely before using the Mini Cycle.

Exercise computer

Function button

  • Mode press to select each function.


  • Scan automatically scans through each mode in sequence.
  • Time counts upwards to 99:59 from zero in one second increment.
  • Count accumulates the numbers of repetitions during the workout session.
  • Total Count accumulates the total numbers of repetitions during different sessions of workout. It can not be reset unless you replace the batteries.
  • Calorie accumulates the total calories consumption during exercise.


  1. Press "mode" button or start exercise will turn the power on.
  2. Without any signal transmitted to the computer for 5 minutes, the Lcd will shut off automatically.
  3. Press "mode" and hold for 4 seconds, all values will be reset.
  4. The computer operates with 1 pc 1.5v aaa battery.