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Q4 - 2009

Hello! I’m the latest addition to the ActiveForever Team!

Let’s maximize our sales whether it’s with existing products or brand new items that we can introduce to the market. I’m excited to be a part of such a dynamic team and am looking forward to working with all of our suppliers to see how we can best optimize our sales potential. We value the partnerships that we currently have and I look forward to building upon those relationships and growing with our suppliers.

As we approach the most important 4th qtr. consumers are looking for deals and sales more than ever. We will be mapping out exciting marketing strategies (promo pricing for a period of time, offering free shipping, gift with purchase or a BOGO) and want to make sure you product receives maximum exposure!

Just a heads up, I am working on revamping our Vendor Agreement and will be following up shortly, so keep a look out. Also, I would like to reach out and hear from all of you so we can keep the communication open to constantly be reviewing our current business as well as making sure we are in synch with bringing on any new products.

If you love ActiveForever and believe in our continued healthy growth, please be sure to click here and get this educational Vendor Form updated right away! It’ll help us ensure we are doing the best possible job helping grow your business, and that we are most effectively promoting all of your products. I will follow up with you if I see you need assistance in getting it accomplished.

Lots of opportunities! I look forward to working with everyone on developing a profitable partnership!

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